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Canon Launches Ultra-portable Projectors


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Selangor (30 April 2014) – Canon, a leader in digital imaging solutions, has introduced its first ultra-portable projector ideal for both business and home entertainment use – the Canon LE-5W Multimedia Projector. The affordable and lightweight LE-5W is equipped with the ability to display high quality images with a bright and vibrant colour projection. Through its wide range of interconnectivity and multiple connection ports, it is also able to clearly display anything from spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations to video games and movies.

“The Canon LE-5W Multimedia Projector is one of our most innovative projectors to date. Both small businesses and homes users can now enjoy vibrant images with accurate display of detail and colours. Ease-of-use is also a key-point to the LE-5W projector. It is easily integrated with AV equipment, tablets, smartphones, as well as home entertainment devices,” said Donny Ling, Director of Imaging Communication Products Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

With HDMI input and five different projection modes, the Canon LE-5W projector can easily be used to project high-quality movies, video games, and still-or-streamed images from PC’s, Blu-ray players, game consoles, HD streaming players, and digital cameras onto nearly any surface. The perfect projector to bring along for off-site presentations and client visits, professional and home use, or even camping trips, the LE-5W allows for “PC-less” smart presentations. This feature enables users to display items directly from a USB thumb drive, SD card, or its own built-in 1.5GB memory. Featuring an energy-saving, long-life 3 LED technology, the unit’s three LED’s (RGB) have a remarkable 20,000 hour lifespan with an ECO mode that consumes 30 percent less energy than while running in Normal Mode.

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Multiple Projection Scenarios

The LE-5W Multimedia Projector employs 3 LED technology to project vibrant and accurate colours. As the LED light source for each primary colour (red, green, and blue) is used without splitting light through a colour wheel, images and videos with pure, highly vibrant colours are able to be produced and projected. Five different projection modes are available to cater to the different needs of users, such as:

  • Presentation mode – this default mode matches the colours generally displayed by the screens of PCs and notebook computers.
  • Standard mode – designed for optimal projection in rooms with minimal ambient light.
  • Movie mode – delivers saturated colours, and is perfect for presentation in darkened rooms.
  • sRGB mode – optimised for the colours as seen in a calibrated sRGB color space. This mode is best used for displaying graphics, AutoCAD diagrams, and other computer-calibrated presentations involving critical colours.
  • User mode – enables customized settings of brightness, contrast, colour, tint, temperature, and even sharpness.

Weighing just 1.6kg and delivering 500 lumens of brightness with WXGA (1280 x 800) native resolution, a contrast ratio of 3000:1 and superb colour fidelity, the LE-5W features a throw ratio (1.2:1) that achieves large-screen projections even in tight spaces. The Canon LE-5W is equipped with two built-in 2.5-watt stereo speakers, and a five-colour wall-projection mode that makes practically any flat surface a suitable display screen. Also excellent for point-of-purchase digital signage applications, the LE-5W features a Tripod Mounting Socket on its base, helping to make projection in tight locations without a table-top possible.

The Canon LE-5W Multimedia Projector comes with ports for USB flash drive and an SD card, as well as its own built-in 1.5GB memory which enables it to play multimedia files without the need for peripheral components. Supported formats include: MJPEG, MPEG1/2/4, H.264, WMV, and RMVB video; JPEG and BMP photos; MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, and WAV music; and Adobe PDF 1.2-1.7 and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) documents.

Measuring just 248mm (w) x 193mm (d) x 49.4mm (h) (excluding protrusion), the Canon LE-5W powers-up in four seconds and shuts down in less than one second. This ultra-portable projector can also be easily fitted into a carrying bag for on-the-go scenarios. The Canon LE-5W comes with an integrated lens cover, built-in power adaptor, and sports a clean design with a scratch-resistant finish. The LE-5W is available in black or white to match the décor of any location.

The Canon LE-5W Projector is now available at a RRP of RM 2,799.

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