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Targus Releases New Backpacks


Malaysia (March 2014) – Targus® Inc., maker of the world’s top-selling laptop computer cases and accessories, today announced its latest collection of CityLite II Backpacks. The CityLite II collection is the ultimate answer to any safety and protection need. It offers a variety of security features to protect the backpack and its contents against rainy weather, tampering and theft, as well as to enhance visibility in low-light environments. Designed for travel and everyday use, each bag in the CityLite II collection is great for business commute, travel, and as a carry-on for airplanes. The discreet blue accents on the outside of the case give a fresh and stylish yet professional look.

Targus CityLite II
Targus’ CityLite II family of backpacks.

Targus® 15.6” CityLite II Ultra and 15.6” CityLite II Max Backpack

The CityLite II Ultra and CityLite II Max Backpacks look and wear like standard backpacks but provide better safety against pickpockets and thieves. The safety lock anti-theft puller system prevents easy access into the backpacks. The clever design of the backpack helps to hide the safety features as well, such as the zippered back pocket. These added security features enable valuables to be kept safe, giving a peace of mind for commuters and frequent travellers. With the dedicated snug-fitted foam cradle laptop compartment with adjustable straps, the backpacks provide secure storage for laptops of any size.

While all CityLite II Backpacks are equipped with quick-access front pockets, the unique feature on the CityLite II Ultra Backpack is the vertical quick-access front pocket which makes it easy to reach for frequently used items. The backpacks have padded back panel and shoulder straps that are ergonomically designed to mould according to body shape, providing maximum comfort when worn. The built-in detachable rain cover and water-resistant bottom are ideal for rainy weathers. The exterior material is also durable and will sustain the most demanding journeys.

The 15.6” CityLite II Ultra Backpack (TSB798AP) and 15.6” CityLite II Max Backpack (TSB799AP) both retail at RM238.00 each.

Targus CityLite II_side loadingTargus® 15.6” CityLite II SL and 17” CityLite II Ultimate Backpack

Equipped with the similar security features as the Ultra and Max Backpacks, the CityLite II SL and CityLite II Ultimate Backpacks provide heightened anti-theft features along with enhanced self-reflecting piping design to help increase commuter and traveller visibility in low light environments.

The backpacks also contain advanced accessory pockets for supreme capacity and organised storage, such as the advanced workstation and dedicated iPad®/tablet pocket to neatly store personal valuables and digital gadgets. The side-loading foam cradle laptop compartment is also unique to the CityLite II SL and CityLite II Ultimate Backpacks as it provides easy access and storage for laptops whenever necessary.

The 15.6” CityLite II SL Backpack (TSB800AP) retails at RM288.00.
The 17” CityLite II Ultimate Backpack (TSB801AP) retails at RM319.00.

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