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NVIDIA Launches GeForce 800M Notebooks



Today, we’re launching our GeForce 800M top to bottom line-up of new notebook GPUs.

The thin and light Gigabyte P34 gets its gaming chops from the GeForce GTX 850M.

They deliver the usual massive performance improvement – 30%, 40% and in some cases even 60% over the previous generation. And we’ve again unseated ourselves for “world’s fastest notebook GPU” crown.

But, let’s be honest, you’d expect this with each new generation of notebook GPU.

This launch has something different. It brings a multitude of new features designed just for gamers.

The biggest is NVIDIA Battery Boost, which will untether notebook gamers from wall sockets for the first time. It delivers up to double the gaming battery life, automatically.


The Razor Blade uses the GeForce GTX 870M to pack unprecedented power in to a sleek chassis.

Here’s how it works: instead of your notebook pushing every component to its max, Battery Boost targets a user defined frame rate, such as 30 FPS. The driver level governor takes over from there, and operates all your system components, including CPU, GPU, and memory at peak efficiency, while maintaining a smooth, playable experience.

GeForce ShadowPlay also comes to notebooks with this launch. ShadowPlay is a new feature in GeForce Experience that lets you capture high-quality in-game footage or broadcast your gaming exploits to Twitch.TV, all with virtually no performance impact.

Touchscreen technology and cutting-edge graphics provided by the GeForce GTX 860M come together in the Lenovo Y50.


We are also adding notebook support for GameStream, to enable smooth streaming of PC games over WiFi to a GameStream ready device, like NVIDIA SHIELD.

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about existing GeForce customers. Later this month, all GeForce GTX 700M and GeForce GTX 680M, 675MX, 670MX and GTX 660M GPUs will be able to update their GeForce Experience software to support ShadowPlay and GameStream.

This new line up does not sacrifice frame rates for power efficiency. GeForce 800M GPUs are even more power efficient than our previous generation, by a good margin.

The Asus G750Jz uses the GeForce GTX 880M to compete for the title of world’s fastest gaming notebook.

Meanwhile, look for a new generation of thinner, more powerful gaming notebooks featuring our new GeForce 800M series. The Gigabyte P35R, Lenovo Y50, MSI GS 60, MSI GS 70 and Razer Blade are all good examples of thin and light, GeForce GTX-equipped gaming machines. And those looking to game on the world’s fastest notebooks should consider power-packed systems such as the Alienware 17, Asus G750JZ, MSI GT 70, and MSI GT 60 which can all be had with a GeForce GTX 880M under the hood.

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