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LG Smart TV With WebOS


MALAYSIA (19 March 2014) — LG Electronics (LG) today announced that its revolutionary webOS Smart TV platform has been acknowledged by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek for its sublimely convenient graphical user interface. A refreshing departure from the bland and cumbersome design of other Smart TV platforms, webOS provides a seamless, uncomplicated experience that makes TV simple again.

“This third party recognition further confirms the exceptional user-friendliness of the webOS platform,” said “Jeong Hwan Hwang, Vice President, and Director of the TV Development Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.” “webOS is a turning point in the story of Smart TV – marking the arrival of true simplicity and ease-of-use. LG will continue its strong commitment to leading the way in advanced Smart TV UI design.”

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The core features of webOS, developed to facilitate Simple Switching, Simple Discovery and Simple Connection have been favorably evaluated by UL and Intertek. Thanks to the Launcher menu, users can easily browse through service or content options without having to navigate away from their current viewing choice. Meanwhile, LG Store conveniently organizes all content available on the webOS platform into category tabs. It also offers recommendations based on popularity, allowing users to discover exciting new entertainment options with the greatest of ease. In short, this clever new platform reduces the number of steps needed to switch between content, which makes searching, selection and the overall Smart TV experience simpler and better than ever. Connecting to external devices is also speedy and completely effortless on webOS.

LG has even turned the initial setup process into a quick and painless affair. The first time the user turns on their webOS-enabled LG Smart TV, an animated character named BeanBird appears on screen. The cute, avian critter helps to ensure the TV is fully and properly connected. BeanBird also teaches users to master the LG Magic Remote’s intuitive controls in almost no time at all.

The LG Magic Remote, which offers ease-of-pairing and multiple control options – scroll, point, click and voice – has also been positively assessed by UL and Intertek. The undeniably convenient functionality of the Magic Remote works hand-in-hand with the streamlined webOS interface.

The centerpiece of the 2014 LG Smart TV lineup, the webOS platform will be integrated into 70 percent of the CINEMA 3D Smart TV models released this year.

LG’s advanced voice and finger gesture recognition functions have also been commended by UL. These two key features of the 2014 Smart TV range help to deliver an enhanced, thoroughly enjoyable user experience.

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