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Hitachi's New Cooler For Home



Kuala Lumpur (21 March 2014) – The weather in Malaysia is a hot topic these days, no pun intended. Malaysians are constantly looking for ways to stay cool in our tropical climate and Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad. (hereinafter “Hitachi”) has the perfect cooling answer for your home. Consumers can look forward to new series of technologically advanced and ecologically-inspired home appliances that will be the perfect answer to this hot weather.

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“At Hitachi, our consumers’ needs are our priority and we endeavour to design products that combine the best of Japan’s technology with environmentally friendly features that are able to answer those needs. Based on our latest consumer research, Malaysians are looking for an air-conditioner that helps them get a good night of sleep. That is why we are excited to launch the Air Sleep Air Conditioner series that is able to sense your sleep biorhythm and change the temperature accordingly to ensure that it doesn’t get too cold or hot in the night so you’ll be able to get good sleep every night,” said Toshinori Kaneko, Managing Director, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad.

“Besides the air-conditioner series, Hitachi’s New Stylish Line series is the other must-have cooling option for your home. This series brings a new dimension in refrigeration with Hitachi’s Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling feature that cools each compartment independently and efficiently. As a result of this exceptionally efficient cooling system, it has already acquired top class energy saving ratings worldwide. Hitachi doesn’t stop at delivering top quality home appliances but we want to ensure that our products also help boost our consumers’ quality of life as well as contribute to the sustainability of society,” continued Toshinori Kaneko.

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Hitachi All DC Inverter X Air Sleep Air Conditioner
Designed to provide you with nights of good sleep, the new Hitachi Air Sleep air conditioner is equipped with smart features for your optimum comfort. With the help of Hitachi’s exclusive Air Sleep function, it creates the perfect sleep environment with its unique sensor that detects your body condition and intelligently adjusts the temperature throughout the night to match the changes in your body to give you a deep, refreshing sleep.

Another unique Hitachi owned technologies is the Stainless Clean technology where antibacterial steel and silver ion is applied inside the filter to keep the air pathways extra clean. The breakthrough Triple Air Purification System utilises the antibacterial stainless steel for the air duct, air conditioner lourves and pre-filter. Coupled with the Nano Titanium Wasabi air purifying filter, it thoroughly deodorizes the air and removes odours to provide a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold and anti-allergen effect. This distinctive filter goes a step further by deactivating 99% of bacteria trapped in the filters by emanating shortwave UV lights onto the filters, giving you fresh and most importantly hygienic air.

Hitachi has continually garnered a solid reputation for producing energy efficient innovations and this series is not an exception. This series has the highest cooling capacity in its class of 11,500BTU/h and it’s powered by another Hitachi owned technology, the All DC Inverter powered by the Smart Vector System, which monitors the compressor behaviour and condition of current flow to ensure smooth operation and high cooling capacity. The All DC Inverter combined with the Air Sleep mode feature can save up to 60% energy consumption in comparison to non-inverter models.
Hitachi offers a 10 years compressor warranty for all inverter series and with its intelligent, purifying and energy saving features, Hitachi’s All DC Inverter Air Sleep Air Conditioner is the perfect cooling solution for Malaysian homes.

Hitachi New Stylish Line Refrigerator Series
Hitachi’s New Stylish Line Refrigerator series features a new elegant frameless structure with a wave cut handle that is the definition of sophistication. Available in four new colours, Stainless Look, Pure White, Glass Black and Glass Brown, it will lend sophistication to any home.

The Hitachi New Stylish Line Refrigerator series is powered by another Hitachi owned technology, the Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling feature that combines dual fan cooling and the inverter compressor that cools each compartment independently and efficiently. Energy efficient innovations and Hitachi products go very closely together and this series showcases this fact as it is proven to consume 25% less energy compared with the usual pre-set electronically controlled refrigerators. The fridge compartment is also further equipped with LED lighting that lasts longer and only consumes 1/15¹ the energy of a conventional lighting.

Hitachi’s own technology, the Nano Titanium filter eliminates 99% of bacteria and prevents transfer of odour, giving you a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect, to help ensure that your food and vegetables stays fresh for a longer period of time. As a further guarantee and commitment to offer high quality products, Hitachi offers a 10 years compressor warranty for this refrigerator series.

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