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Epson Unveils SureColor F-Series Printers


Kuala Lumpur (21 March 2014) – Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions is entering into the fashion and textile printing industry with the launch of two roll-fed dye sublimation fabric printers – the 44-inch SureColor™ SC-F6070 and the 64-inch SureColor SC-F7070, as well as the SureColor™ SC-F2000 series, its first direct-to-garment printers. Bringing greater significance to the launch, Epson collaborated with the Petaling Jaya College of Art & Design (PJCAD) through college-level activities aimed at showcasing the creative potential of the F-Series family of printers.

SureColor SC-F2000 series

These new offerings are part of Epson’s worldwide strategy to aggressively grow its commercial and industrial printer range that is powered by the company’s proprietary MicroPiezo™ and PrecisionCore™ TFP head technology. Aiming to bring smarter and more efficient solutions to commercial users and the industry, the SureColor™ F-Series printers attest to the company’s strive to design and manufacture products that are engineered for business. This is evident as the SureColor™ SC-F6070/7070 models enable commercial users to take on more projects, generate greater profits and reducing the number of printers needed for full production capacity, thus enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The new SureColor™ SC-F6070/7070 printers are not only the first dye sublimation models from Epson, but also the first in the market in which every component – from ink and print-head to printer chassis and bulk ink delivery system – is designed and manufactured by a single company. The result is a high-performance dye-sublimation transfer printing technology designed for exceptional reliability and industrial-level production with high quality output up to 1,440 x 720 dpi on all leading transfer papers.
Setting new benchmarks in digital t-shirt printing, the SureColor™ SC-F2000, is also wholly designed and developed using Epson’s proprietary technology, from its newly developed PrecisionCore™ print head to its UltraChrome DG ink, and even the pre-treatment liquid used in the process. Combined with high performance, low maintenance and running costs, it enables businesses to offer a new t-shirt design and print service that excels in performance at low running costs.

SureColor SC-F6070
SureColor SC-F6070

Country Manager of Epson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Yasuhiro Kasai said, “The Epson SureColor F-Series printers are Epson’s solution for relevant businesses and commercial users to keep up with the demanding environment of the fashion and textile industry, providing them solutions to produce high-quality prints at better efficiency without having to compromise on cost and quality.”

Features and potential of the new Epson SureColor™ F-Series fabric and direct-to-garment printers were showcased in a collaborative effort between Epson and PJCAD, where fashion and graphic design students of PJCAD were given the opportunity to express their creativity and be exposed to real-life working environment in the fashion and design industry. These students were engaged through contests, namely the Garment & Fabric Design Contest and the T-shirt Design Contest.

The result of these college-level activities is 3 mini collections of formal evening wear and casual wear using their own fabric design printed by the Epson SureColor™ F-series printer, which was showcased in a runway show at the launch event. In addition, there were also 5 T-shirt designs from the graphic design students printed with the SureColor™ SC-F2000, and exhibited at the event. The creative pieces showcased at the event highlighted the creative potential of the SureColor™ F-Series printers through intricate details and vivid colours manifested on the fashion pieces.

SureColor SC-F7070
SureColor SC-F7070

“The launch of the Epson SureColor™ F-Series textile printers is part of Epson’s strategy to leverage on legacy in of printing and know-how, as a way to aggressively extend our presence into new industries. By bringing the these new products into the market, we believe we are opening up a new world of possibilities for the garment and textile printing industries, which can greatly benefit from the cost saving features, reliability and high quality output.,” Danny Lee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Epson Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Commenting on the creative collaboration between Epson and PJCAD, Michelle Pong, Programme Coordinator of PJCAD said, “We are glad and honoured to collaborate with Epson on this project as it provided our students a platform to showcase their talent, creativity, as well as exposure to technologies and equipment akin to real life working environment in the fashion industry. We are marvelled at the level of details and colours the Epson SureColor™ F-Series printers are able to deliver on fabric, and we are truly excited about how this technology can bring impact to the fashion industry.”

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