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Canon Introduces The Legria Mini X

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The world of blogging, recording and publicising is now all the more exciting with Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Canon)’s latest addition to its Legria Mini Series – the Legria Mini X. With its enhanced features and increased portability, the Legria Mini X offers photo journalists, bloggers and performers a heightened user experience that blend in seamlessly with their trade and lifestyles.

Convenient and enhanced recording right from your pocket
Featuring a new sleek design, the Legria Mini X is incredibly compact and lightweight, allowing users to carry it easily and conveniently in their pockets whenever they are out and about. Thanks to the video camera’s quick response feature, users would no longer have to miss important performances or life’s precious moments. All they would need to do is to whip out the Legria Mini X from their pockets and start recording immediately.

The Legria Mini X features an adjustable built-in stand that allows users to shoot at a horizontal level or up to an approximately 60 degree angle. Not only does this reduce users’ reliance on tripods and other bulky accessories, it also allows them to capture great hands-free shots in almost any environment the camera is set up in. However, the Legria Mini X also comes with a tripod socket for those wishing to use an external tripod.


High quality sound, low noise interference
The Legria Mini X’s new design is also complemented by an advanced microphone and superior PCM audio format recording. The microphone is specifically designed with bigger heads that are 2.5 times larger than its predecessor, significantly reducing background noise while recording. Its two-layer structure of sponge and cloth mesh also helps reduce ambient noise, further improving sound quality.

Not only that, users will certainly be impressed with the Legria Mini X’s capability of recording sound in Linear PCM (16-bit/48KHz) format – an unprocessed and uncompressed format that provides the same high audio quality as CDs. This allows users to preserve all sound signals without any loss of quality, giving them recorded sound that is as accurate to the actual source as can be.

The quality of video footages is also impressive with the Legria Mini X, even when shot in poorly lit conditions, thanks to its12 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and the DIGIC DV4 image processor. On top of that, the Legria Mini X also supports both MP4 and AVCHD (50i) recording.


Innovation for greater control, freedom and versatility
Those seeking greater control and versatility when recording will find the Legria Mini X more than satisfactory. Its manual audio features such as mic level volume dial and other configurable settings like wind screen and microphone directionality give users the opportunity to experiment and improve on their creativity – a much appreciated feature, especially amongst the core group users.

Meanwhile, the Audio Scene Select function offers greater simplicity to the more casual users. They can easily select one of eight recording modes that will automatically optimise the camera’s audio settings to the selected audio scene. Besides the usual modes, the Legria Mini X also features new scenes including ‘Festival’ for outdoor music events; ‘Meeting’ for clear recordings of multiple speakers within an office environment; ‘In the Car’ that reduces ambient engine noises; ‘Food and Fashion’ to bring out natural and attractive colours; and Smart Auto, which automatically detects shooting conditions and optimises the current scene mode.

The Legria Mini X also includes a Vari-Angle touch-screen LCD monitor, which automatically detects the orientation of various scenes and inverts the LCD display if needed. This highly innovative feature allows users the freedom to shoot from various angles – forward, high and low. Even shooting a ‘selfie’ is easier and more convenient than ever.

Because of its time effects as well as the reversible screen and built-in stand, dancers, musicians and video bloggers would have the liberty of recording themselves performing using the Legria Mini X. It can record as slow as 1/4x the speed in slow-motion (in VGA resolution), and 4x the speed in fast motion. With these features, the Legria Mini X is an ideal tool that helps artists improves their performance with each shot.

Furthermore, its ultra-wide angle lens provides a 170 degree angle of view during still photography and 160 degrees while shooting, enabling users to capture scenes in greater detail and precision. Users can also opt to switch to the Close-up mode just by touching the icon on the LCD screen for a smaller and more traditional view.


Wi-Fi connectivity
Continuing to support the lifestyles of its users, the Legria Mini X comes with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. Through the CameraAccess Plus app, users are able to connect the Legria Mini X with their Smartphones, allowing them to control and monitor shots remotely. This means that users are able to stream live, as well as use the video camera as a monitoring device to keep an eye on their pets at home, or watch over their baby while in another room.

Complementing this feature is the optional CT-V1 camera pan table that allows horizontal panning within a range of 200 degrees. Combine this with the ultra-wide angle view of the Legria Mini X, users are able to have a nearly complete view of any environment the camera is set up in. All users would need to do is attach the Legria Mini X to the CT-V1 camera pan table and use their Smartphone to control the Legria Mini X over the internet. The CT-V1 can be powered by an outlet to run indefinitely, or last for over 9 hours using 2 AA batteries.

The Legria Mini X will be available at selected Canon authorised outlets at RRP: RM1, 399 from February onwards.

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