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BlackBerry Innovation Community Launched


Blackberry 2013

BlackBerry is excited to be launching its new BlackBerry Innovation Community – a portal that invites BlackBerry fans and critics alike to provide direct, open feedback about our products and services. Through the portal, BlackBerry hopes to even better understand our customers and learn more about the features and services you value most to keep you productive at work and on the go.

The BlackBerry Innovation Community

Within this community, members will be able to post ideas, vote on concepts, comment on other people’s input, and follow specific ideas. They can also participate in polls, surveys, and online focus groups. We know that hearing directly from our customers and the market is the best way to learn. The portal will provide a place for real-time innovation and collaboration. In turn, BlackBerry will look to that feedback and input as we continue introducing new smartphone devices and services to our customers and to the market.

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