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2014's Top YouTube Ads



Kuala Lumpur (25th March 2014) – YouTube Malaysia is turning out to be a favorite destination for creative agencies and brand campaigns that are made to engage audiences online. As we wrap up 2014 first quarter we look back on some of the most interesting ads from YouTube’s quarterly ads leaderboard.

As the Internet user base in Malaysia continues to grow, brand managers and creative agencies are realising the true potential of YouTube. Digital ads create a level of brand engagement that is not possible through TV alone. On the Internet, people don’t just watch ads: they like them, comment on them, share them with friends and in some cases remake them. In short, great ads on YouTube are able to draw the user in unlike other platforms.

Looking at the top YouTube ads in the first quarter of 2014 in Malaysia the following trends emerge:

  • Festive themed campaigns are cross-pollinated: With Chinese New Year in February festival themed campaigns struck a chord this quarter. Many leading brands are now making web-only or web first campaigns – releasing their campaigns on the web first — as well as complementing their offline campaigns with online engagement.

  • Ads with emotion and humour rule: Petronas continues to tap into the nation’s emotional core while Cadbury appealed to the bittersweet. Tesco, Nissan and KIA went with humour while 100PLUS highlighted it’s experiential campaign.

  • Longer form ads offer more creative potential: Similar to YouTube ads trends we saw in 2013, these are exciting times for creative professionals as they have the freedom of going beyond 30 second limit and inspire people to share ads with their circle of friends. Creative professionals are experiencing a new high in the era of digital platforms, which is unshackling the talent of highly skilled advertising professionals in Malaysia.

  • Malaysian agencies continue to up their game. The most-watched YouTube ads in Malaysia by Malaysians in the first quarter of 2014 were produced locally.


The top 10 YouTube ads of Q1 2014 in Malaysia (by views, mixture of organic and paid):

  1. Petronas — CNY 2014: Young Hearts

  2. Cadbury — The most unexpected Ang Pow

  3. 100PLUS — Win The Day Challenge

  4. Tesco — #ongmali CNY 2014 TVC

  5. Nissan — Learn how to avoid this mistake during CNY

  6. KIA — Happy Chinese New Year 2014 | KIA Commercial #1 of 3

  7. Pizza Hut – Golden Fortune

  8. RHB Group — Chinese New Year Greeting 2014

  9. Kakao Talk — See what happens when you ask, “Where to eat?” in Malaysia

  10. Nescafe — Morning Moments — It All Starts With A NESCAFÉ!


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