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Asus Online Overclocking Challenge


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (7 February 2014) – The recently concluded ASUS Malaysia Online OverClocking Challenge – Chinese New Year OC Quickie, with a total of 48 submissions from enthusiasts all over the country came to a conclusion on the 31st January, 2014. The less-then-2-weeks online challenge at Lowyat.NET Forum was based on Intel Socket 1155/1156 platform without cooling limitation. The benchmark used for the challenge was Super PI 32M. Although Super Pi is based on the legacy x87 instructions set, it is still considered as the “main” OC Benchmark in the OverClocking scene. Most of the World OverClocking Championships still make use of the mentioned benchmark for its CPU-centric benchmark.

Event Details
Title: ASUS Malaysia Online OverClocking Challenge – Lunar New Year OC Quickie
Time: 22nd – 31st January 2014
Benchmark: Super Pi 32M
Category: Intel Socket 1150/1155
Link: http://goo.gl/U9j9uX

Currently standing as the Top-ranked OverClocking in Malaysia (based on HWBot.org), Kelvin Chen proved to be too strong for enthusiasts as he eased to victory with both his submissions, each on Air Cooling and Extreme Cooling respectively topping the scoreboard. His choice of OverClocking Hardware was ROG MAXIMUS VI Extreme, Intel Core i7-4770K and G.SKILL F3-16000CL6-2GBPID Pi Series Memory Kit.

Using dry ice dry (CO2) to cool down the processor, Kelvin Chen recorded an amazing time of 5m 28.390s @ 5.6GHz for Super Pi 32M and eventually became victorious in the ASUS Malaysia Online OverClocking Challenge. With the win, Kelvin Chen won himself an ASUS M51AC Desktop PC worth RM 2,899. Joining him in the podium finish are Cham Pei Fung and Neo Vilson Wong, winning themselves an ASUS MX239H and VE247H Display Monitor respectively.

ASUS Malaysia Business Development Director, Mr. Jacky Lim said, “We are delighted with the respond gathered from the ASUS Malaysia Online OverClocking Challenge. We will continue to play our part in promoting and showing support towards the OverClocking scene, as well as improving our interaction with DIY Enthusiasts here in Malaysia.”

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