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Synology Showcased DSM 5.0 Beta



Taipei, Taiwan (4th January 2014) – Synology showcased the all new DiskStation Manager 5.0 (DSM 5.0) Beta version to members of the media and registered members of the public at a press conference event held at Sheraton Hotel Taipei.

Synology’s Product Manager, Max Wu did a demonstration of the new features available on the DSM 5.0 Beta version. Three new main features were introduced at the demo – a new user interface of the DSM desktop, hybrid cloud storage and mobile applications for various mobile devices.


The plain, new user interface gives users a comfortable impression to the tools and applications available on the desktop. With high resolution support, users can view the DSM 5.0 in 4K and Retina display screens.

The Package Center is an important feature for users to get all the updates required for the DiskStation. Updates are made optional together with application badges as push notifications to be updated. Additional features include Quick Connect. Quick Connect is available for users to access the DSM and all packages from anywhere. Simply create an ID and password to get logged on remotely via the browser or any mobile devices.

One of the interesting features in DSM 5.0 is the ability to allow users to connect and sync between multiple DiskStations in real time. This means you can easily share your multimedia content with your friends and family with the existence of Cloud Station. Multiple DiskStations can connect together securely to share data. In addition to syncing between DiskStations, hybrid cloud sync can be done between Cloud Station and other popular third party clouds such as Google Drive, Baidu and Dropbox.


DSM 5.0 has also become more social media friendly with the option to share and upload your files to Facebook, Google+ and also YouTube. You can also connect your DiskStation and Chromecast to enjoy your movies on the SmartTV. Bringing your files on mobile everywhere you go has also been easier with the new interface for mobile apps. All DS apps are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

These are just a few of the features new in DSM 5.0 Beta. Users of Synology NAS and DSM will find the DSM 5.0 easier and more convenient to navigate around. DSM 5.0 Beta version is set to launch in late January.


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