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Casio Announces The Launch of EX-10


Kuala Lumpur (6 January 2014) Recreational photographers looking to take professional shots with a reasonable price tag and with multiple ease-to-use interface and features will be completely satisfied with the Casio EX-10, the latest digital high-end compact camera, which also features the world’s first-of-its-kind technology.

Casio EX-10’s main attraction is the dual combination bracketing function that automatically adjusts two shooting parameters from a range that includes focus, aperture, brightness, while balance, contrast, and saturation. A single press of the EX-10’s shutter button takes nine different image outcomes, each of which is captured with a unique pair of values on two shooting parameters, such as the focus adjustment area and the aperture size.

Other key highlights are its metal construction, a 180-degree tilting 3.5 inch LCD screen, sensor-based image stabilisation, full HD video capability, and a back-lit CMOS sensor that captures images at 12MP and in three aspect ratios.

“In last five years, Casio has invested heavily in optimising its unique digital technologies to create innovative experiences for anyone who loves taking great-looking photographs,” states Yap Fui Fui, Marketing Manager, Marco Heritage, the sole distributor of Casio cameras in Malaysia.

The groundbreaking Casio EX-10 was developed to enable anyone to shoot high-quality photographs rivalling those of a professional photographer. Professionals achieve their desired results by experimenting with various shooting parameters and settings. With the Casio EX-10, casual photographers can now get the same results – even with high-speed burst shooting.

As Casio’s flagship EXILIM, the EX-10 is designed with a stylish body an eye-catching blue-black finish. The front and rear panels are made of lightweight, solid magnesium alloy, while the top panel is made of shiny aluminium alloy. The magnesium body, which is an outstanding heat-conducting material, is a premium-quality finishing in the compact cameras range.

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