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U Mobile Expands Internet Roaming Service


Kuala Lumpur (10 December 2013) – U Mobile postpaid customers who are on business trips or leisure outings in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines can enjoy internet roaming services without qualms over costly roaming charges as Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative 3G mobile operator expands the list of countries where its customers can enjoy the lowest unlimited internet roaming service while travelling.

Designed to cater to mobile users’ trend and tendency to stay connected with friends and family while travelling; U Mobile’s new unlimited internet roaming service enables postpaid customers to enjoy internet roaming service at a maximum rate of RM30 per day while travelling overseas to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines on top of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, which were introduced previously.

Postpaid customers who travel to these countries, be it for business or leisure, can still be connected with their loved ones, colleagues and business contacts through instant messaging applications and social media platforms without having to experience bill shock when receiving their monthly bills. They will be able to share their amazing travel discoveries and experiences, too, with a daily maximum charge of RM30.

“Being away from home, especially for work and a long period of time, is a challenging situation where customers will miss-out on what is happening at home. With that in mind, U Mobile is introducing more affordable ways for our customers to still stay connected with their friends and family without burning a hole in their pockets. Regardless whether they are away for work or for vacation, they can still get the latest updates from their loved ones and stay close to home,” said Jasmine Lee, U Mobile’s Director of Marketing.

“We remain committed in striving to design and provide best-value mobile services to our customers, providing them affordable and quality avenues to stay connected, while enhancing their mobile experience with U Mobile,” she added.

U Mobile customers who travel to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines will be prompted with an SMS to roam with the respective partner telcos – True, Telkomsel and Globe – upon arrival. No tedious subscription or sign-up procedures are required to use this service, making it convenient for U Mobile postpaid users to stay connected and share their travel experiences while travelling overseas.

In addition, U Mobile is also introducing Best IDD 1310 service – a budget IDD call service that offers customers lower cost and greater savings when making international to their friends and family overseas from as low as 5 sen per 30 seconds.

By simply dialing the IDD code of 1310 before the country code, U Mobile prepaid and U Mobile postpaid customers can enjoy lower rates and greater saving while making IDD calls to their friends and family. Be it calling home, catching-up with friends or family members based overseas or speaking to business partners; customers can enjoy lower IDD rates anytime and anywhere in Malaysia.

The service is designed for price-sensitive customers, and users from foreign countries who would like to be connected and updated about matters happening at home. The Best IDD 1310 service covers most countries within the Asia Pacific and South Asia region, catering to a wider consumer market.

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