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Kuala Lumpur (November 28, 2013) – Invite the neighborhood over and get the party started with Jabra’s new Solemate Max wireless sneaker speaker – the big brother of Jabra’s family of popular wireless speakers. This boom box-style, high-fidelity speaker has no cables to worry about and doesn’t compromise on sound quality. In fact, Jabra Solemate Max is so powerful that no-one who’s tested it has yet dared to turn the volume all the way up.

To make your party even more perfect, Jabra’s Sound app has a new Social Jukebox feature for the ultimate collaborative DJ. The Jabra Social Jukebox lets you create your own playlist and share it with your guests on an e-invite or Facebook events page so they can vote for their favorite songs. Now you really can please everyone!

Jabra Solemate Max

As a part of the Jabra Sound app, we’ve also teamed up with Dolby to include a Sound Space Expander that surrounds you with superb stereo so you can hear every instrument clearly and immerse yourself in a richer sound experience. Great music is not just for sharing with a few close friends: the jaw-dropping sound of Solemate Max lets you broadcast your tracks so everyone can be part of the action.

Decked out in a high-tech steely hue, Solemate Max is stylish enough to complement your living room and it’s fitted with Jabra’s trademark rugged speaker sole so you can take it outside for those summer barbecues, rooftop parties or trips to the park. Just pick it up by the handle and let your music follow you.

Download the Jabra Sound App and listen to your music library or streamed YouTube content in enhanced Dolby® sound, to transform Solemate Max into a portable entertainment centre. Watch movies, play games and listen to music indoors or outside, in style!

What makes Solemate Max so special?
It’s stacked with great features, such as:

  • Two tweeters, two woofers, a custom-designed bass slave and Dolby Sound Space Expander that plays your music wirelessly, the way it should be heard
  • A rechargeable battery for 14 hours of listening pleasure, plus you can charge your phone while playing your music
  • Resistance to dirt, dust and water so you can venture outdoors
  • A high-tech design that looks as good in your living room as it does out in the garden
  • No wires and easy pairing with Bluetooth® or NFC

Jabra Solemate Max will soon be launching globally at RM1399. For more product information and availability, please visit www.jabra.com.

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