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Jabra Solemate and Jabra Sound App


Kuala Lumpur (
November 28 2013)  – Jabra is continually looking at ways to enrich the sound experience, usability and aesthetics of our products. And this is no more evident than in the latest enhancements to our successful Jabra Solemate portable speaker and the Jabra Sound App.
Solemate gets more soul – new features, new colors!

Jabra Solemate
Jabra Solemate

With the 2nd generation of Jabra Solemate – now also available in vibrant red, blue, yellow and greyscale1 – we’ve added super-fast Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing. By tapping your NFC-enabled device and your Solemate together, you’re instantly connected. Just tap them together again to disconnect – as simple as that!

Another exciting addition to the Solemate is the Jabra Sound App with Dolby Digital Plus sound. Dolby Digital Plus delivers a sound space enhancer so you’ll be amazed at the extra depth and dimension of the sound emerging from your Solemate – the wireless portable ‘sneaker’ speaker you’ll want to take with you everywhere.

YouTube Streaming with the Jabra Sound App
Since more and more people are using YouTube as their primary streaming service, with our new Jabra Sound App 2.0 you can stream YouTube content as well as your existing on-device stored content and play them back whenever you want – all in great-sounding Dolby Digital Plus stereo2.

The 2nd generation Jabra Solemate (priced at RM599 for the Solemate NFC and RM379 for the Solemate Mini) will be available shortly while updates to the Jabra Sound App will be available from Sept. 30. For more product information and availability, please visit www.jabra.com.

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