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I am Nikon Annual Photo Awards


Malaysia (20 December 2013) – The ‘I am Nikon Annual Photo Awards’ has officially come to an end. The judges have gone through the arduous task of sifting through more than 35,000 applications that came in from more than 25,000 members of the Nikon Club in Malaysia to select the winners of the top three prizes and the five consolation prizes.

The top three prize winners are Zulhairi Bin Mansoor, 39, from Penang; Shamsul Azwan Bin Ibrahim, 27, from Kedah and Wong Chew Choon, 38, from Perak. Each of these top winners received a Nikon D610 FX Body camera, a certificate and a trophy.

Meanwhile, there were five consolation prize winners who each won a Nikon D3200 kit which includes an 18-105mm lens, a certificate and a trophy. These winners include Choong Zin Hao, 39, from Melaka; Song Hieng Ing, 41, from Sarawak; Muhammad Samsuri Amirie, 23, from Terengganu; Mohd. Shahrulnizam bin Noordin, 29, from Johor and Mohd. Azli bin. Yah, 33, from Terengganu, who incidentally was among the top three winners last year.

The judging process involved a long and thorough process to ensure each entry was treated equally and fairly by a specially put together team of judges that has had years of experience in the field of professional photography.

Entries were judged on a few criteria, which included the overall quality and consistency of images, variety in depicting the eight categories and the expression of ideas – all crucial elements in determining a good photograph.

Landscapes, people, Malaysian heritage, day-to-day street life and the environment – these were amongst the categories for which potential hopefuls could submit their entries. More categories were added into this annual contest this year to encourage photographers to venture out of their comfort zones and explore new ideas.

“The new categories this year was well received by participants and many of them came up with some really astounding photos. The judges truly had a tough time sorting through all the entries to determine the winners. That’s what we aim to do at the Nikon Club – to inspire people and develop budding photographers,” said Alex Moh, Manager of Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur.

“Through this photography contest, we aim to not only develop skills of photographers, but also inspire interest in the art and science of photography by people who see these images. Photographs are more than images. It’s a special mode of expression and communication, unlike any other. Three people can look at a same photo, but get three different interpretations of that photo. Photos have the ability to capture emotion, hardship, joy, peace, struggles and communicate messages in a way that simply cannot be done with words alone. Through this contest, we want photographers to get into the heart of the image and discover a whole new world through the lens of a camera,” he added.

He also commented that since the competition was introduced in 2009, it continued to see a year-on-year increase in both participants and entries, which has motivated Nikon Malaysia to carry on to develop new programs and activities for photography enthusiasts.

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