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Hitachi Unveils New Series Of Home Appliances

Kuala Lumpur (5 December 2013)
– One of the pioneers in manufacturing home appliances equipped with green technology, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad (hereinafter “Hitachi”) is confident that this line of green products will be well received in Malaysia. Perfect for the modern home, Hitachi’s home appliances are known to deliver high performance and cutting-edge innovations while giving consumers environmentally friendly features and top class energy saving ratio.

Hitachi Home Appliances Image 2
Hitachi Home Appliances Launch

“The home appliance market is challenging but Hitachi’s competitive edge has always been our eco-friendly and energy saving innovations products. We see a lot of potential for the Malaysian market especially with the local government’s emphasis on energy conservation and the utilisation of products that come with greener technology,” said Toshinori Kaneko, Managing Director, Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad.

“The new line of Hitachi products highlighted this year includes the refrigerator, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and rice cookers series. It is our commitment to our consumers to always refine and improve our products to make your life brighter, healthier and greener. As we continue to build a sustainable society, we constantly develop eco-friendly home appliances that cater to different consumer needs,” continued Toshinori.

A New Dimension in Refrigeration

R-VG710P3M GBK (Glass Black)
R-VG710P3M GBK (Glass Black)

Hitachi Big 2 Refrigerator Glass Door Series : Model R-VG710P3M
Gross Capacity: 601L
Net Capacity: 550L
Recommended Retail Price: RM3,499
Available in Glass Black (GBK) and Glass Grey (GGR)

The Hitachi Big 2 Refrigerator Glass Door Series will catch your eye with its sophisticated new composition design. Earning top class energy saving ratings worldwide, this series isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it is equipped with Hitachi’s new Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling that cools each compartment independently and efficiently. This adjusts cooling power and changes the amount of chilled air generated inside, providing optimum cooling at all times.

Additional features include the Selectable Mode Compartment and the Big Moisture-Guard Vegetable Compartment that gives you easy and neat storage. Just use the levers located on both sides to adjust the temperature in each compartment and move the separator to change the size of the compartment for extra layout flexibility. The Moisture Guard on top of the vegetable compartment ensures indirect cooling to maintain the optimum moisture level. Equipped further with Hitachi’s innovative technology, the Nano Titanium provides a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect, making sure your food and vegetables stays fresh longer.

For your convenience, incorporated in the door itself are flat glass panel controls that let you change settings with a simple touch. Both the freezer and the fridge compartments are further equipped with LED lighting that lasts longer and only consumes 1/15¹ the energy of a conventional lighting.

This new design features a new colour trend of a stylish shade of Glass Grey, elegant mirrored handles and glass doors, definitely a perfect match for urbanized living spaces. As a further guarantee and commitment to offer high quality products, Hitachi offers a 10 years compressor warranty for this refrigerator series.

Hitachi Big French Series: Model R-W720FP3MX 

R-W720FP3MX GBK (Glass Black)
R-W720FP3MX GBK (Glass Black)

Gross Capacity – 586L
Net Capacity – 540L
Recommended Retail Price: RM5,099
Available in Glass Black (GBK) / Glass Brown (GBW)

Another refrigerator perfect for your home is the Hitachi Big French series sporting a sleek elegant black and brown look. This series is part of the energy saving models as it comes equipped with the Inverter X Dual Fan Cooling as well as the Eco Thermo Sensor’s multiple electronic sensors to ensure that it functions on optimum cooling and energy-saving operation at all times.

Designed with your convenience in mind, not only does it have a Big Super-Moisture Vegetable Compartment that gives you easy and neat storage, the Big French series is also designed with the Selectable Mode Compartment. This convenient layout has levers located on both sides of the compartments allowing you to switch easily between the Dairy/Meat and Vegetable modes to cater to all your refrigeration needs.

To enhance your quality of life, the R-W720FP3MX also comes with Real Nano Titanium Purification System that provides a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold and deodorizing effect. One of the other highlights of the Big French series is the Automatic Ice Maker with a tank-type water dispenser so you can enjoy clean ice and water anytime. This series is also equipped with bright, energy saving LED lighting that lasts longer but only consumes 1/15 the energy of a conventional lighting. This refrigerator series also comes with a 10 years compressor warranty.

Revolutionary Washers
The Auto Self Clean Power Boost Inverter Series: Model SF-140SV 


Capacity: 14kg
Recommended Retail Price: RM2,249
Available in White (Body) and Champagne Gold (Lid)

Hitachi has garnered a reputation for being a brand that is constantly innovating and this Auto Self Clean Power Boost Inverter series is no exception. Hitachi succeeded in developing an auto self clean technology that is designed to solve the issue of dirt attachment in washing machines. Just switch on the Auto Self Clean setting and it automatically starts operating before the final spin. It removes dirt like sebum, detergent residue, bacteria and black mold spores from the outside and bottom of the stainless steel tub and the inside of the outer tub. It has been proven to be effective and is already awarded the Allergy UK’s seal of approval for effective mold removal.

Built with a power boost inverter, this washer series will give consumers 42% energy saving² at a water consumption rate of 14.3L/kg³. Understanding consumers laundry needs, this series comes with additional features such as the Hydro Changer, Triple Action Wash, Intelligent Spin, Tangle-Free Finish and so much more. This washer series comes with a 10 year motor warranty.

The Made in Japan Front Load Washer and Dryer series: Model BD-S5500
Capacity – Wash 10.5kg , Dry 7kg
Recommended Retail Price – RM7,999
Available in Champagne Gold

Packed with Hitachi owned technology, the new made in Japan Front Load Washer and Dryer series also comes equipped with the Auto Self Clean Technology and the new Wind Iron technology. The Wind Iron technology takes better care of your clothes by drying it with a high speed wind of an estimated 300km/h and ensures that there will be less wrinkles and shrinkage on your clothing.

Another innovative feature is the Steam Iron function that will smooth out the wrinkles in your dry clothes with a touch of button. This series utilizes the Heat Recycle concept where it is designed to recycle heat from the main motor, jet fan and the eco vent that will be circulated to be used as warm air to dry your clothes, giving you even more energy savings.

Not only is this series packed with intelligent sensor systems but these functions such as the Wide Circulation Shower and 2-way Circulation Pump will give our consumers water savings as well. Designed with your ease of use in mind, the large white LCD panel located right on top is easy to navigate around and the door handle can be opened easily with one hand.

High Powered and Convenient Cooking
The Fuzzy Logic Series: Model RZ-XMC18Y 

RZ-XMC18Y DRE (Dark Red)
RZ-XMC18Y DRE (Dark Red)

Capacity: 1.8L
Recommended Retail Price – RM349
Available in Dark Red(DRE) /Off Black(OBK)

Specially designed for consumers with a busy lifestyle, Hitachi’s latest high powered rice cooker series come equipped with a total of 11 cooking modes. This rice cooker series comes with a non-stick thick black pot with convection ridges that increases heat convection. To ensure that you get scrumptious results, the microcomputer detects the temperature of the rice and time for soaking, cooking and steaming are automatically controlled.

This rice cooker series is equipped with unique mixed rice and bread cooking functions and various rice modes for the different kinds of rice that you want to cook. There are also other cooking modes to cook sticky rice, porridge or even bake a cake. Now consumers do not need to worry about the tough cleaning process after you use the rice cooker as it has a clean and safe non-stick material coating. Cooking has never been easier with this multi-cooking rice cooker.

A Clean Breakthrough in Freedom
The Pail Can Type Y-Series: Model CV-970Y 

CV-970Y TG (Titanium Gold)
CV-970Y TG (Titanium Gold)

Dust Capacity – 21L
Recommended Retail Price – RM699
Available in Titanium Gold

Vacuum Cleaners are a good investment for your home or workplace. Hitachi introduces the tough and smart Pail Can Type Y-Series, designed with a high power motor that goes up to a maximum of a powerful 2200W with an extra-large 21L dust capacity for all your cleaning needs. Wheel it anywhere you please as it has large wheels to give you better mobility.

Reach dust in narrow spaces with the free moving multi angle head that rotates vertically 90 degrees to either side and use the unique flat mechanism design to reach that tight space under a low table or sofa set. It also comes with an easy and clean dust disposal handle to give you a comfortable grip and reduce the unpleasantness of dust disposal.

Products Availability
These new products will be available at major electrical chain stores and electrical shops throughout Malaysia this December onwards. For more information on these products and more, do check out www.hitachiconsumer.com.my.

¹ Calculated by Hitachi.
² Comparison of power per 1kg load between SF-120SV (9.5Wh/kg, inverter type) and SF-120SS (16.3Wh/kg, non-inverter type).
³ Maximum volume of water used by a model from inverter models line-up.

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