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Fuji launches 14 new models


KUALA LUMPUR (3 December 2013) – Set to take the forefront in environmental and intelligent printing, Fuji Xerox Malaysia has introduced 14 models of full-color digital multifunction devices for office use – ApeosPort-V C and DocuCenter-V C series – and this was officiated by Y.B Dato’ Seri DiRaja Mahdzir Khalid, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water today. These new models will transform the office workspace environment to work smarter and faster whilst providing the best in class performance and ecological sustainability.

ApeosPort-V C
ApeosPort-V C

Combining “Real Green” Solutions and innovative ground breaking technology, the ApeosPort-V C and DocuCenter-V C series are equipped with “Smart Energy Management” to control and power only the functions selected by the users thus reducing power consumption and CO2 output for a greener future. Fuji Xerox has also addressed the problem of noise in the business environment by cutting down sound emission by 61% as compared to its predecessor. To further minimize noise, Fuji Xerox has designed the printers with fewer moving parts for lower noise output during operation, and at the same time the scanning and output devices are quiet whilst not in operation allowing businesses to place these devices seamlessly into their office space for a more pleasant environment.

Able to recognize users and present customized functions to suit their needs, allowing them to work more efficiently and smarter, the devices also feature “Smart WelcomEyes Advance”, an intelligent image recognition software that uses a real-time proximity camera and pyroelectric heat sensor to detect when a user is approaching the device. When detected it wakes up from sleep mode so that it is ready instant use. Users will then also be greeted with their own personalized user interface and preferred settings for quick one touch operations providing users with a zero wait experience for faster and more efficient use of working time.

The new devices are a ‘Smart Work Enabler’ for any office allowing higher productivity while allowing users to work smarter in any environment thus improving business performance and uptime, these are crucial to the success of a business. Capable of producing up to 70ppm, it is one of the fastest in its class, users can copy or print faster minimizing time spent on this task thus maximizing output. Scan speed up to 160 impressions per minute and with the addition of ‘ScanAuto’ feature, the printer will automatically correct the orientation of the pages and remove white pages, saving users the trouble and time preparing the document and checking the scanned output. Fuji Xerox has also improved the faxing capabilities of these devices with the ‘Auto Distribution’ feature so users can send the faxes to be automatically distributed to folders, email, forwarded to another fax or printed out.

“At Fuji Xerox, we are committed at developing printing solutions that are not only ecological but intelligent as well to help businesses maximize productivity and efficiency. We have designed the new ApeosPort-V and DocuCenter-V series to know what you want as a user and to provide the specific tools needed to work effectively and contribute to a greener environment while maximizing productivity and cost efficiency,” said Sunil Gupta, President of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific (Malaysia Operations).

Highlights of the ApeosPort-V C and DocuCenter-V C series
Serverless On-Demand Print
Users can print their documents from another multifunction device when the device which print instruction was initially sent to is in use. This reduces time to wait for document output and prevents unnecessary output, thereby contributing to the reduction of clients’ total cost of ownership.

Scan Translation Service
Connect to the global Fuji Xerox Cloud-based translation services as you scan your documents to create a translated version that preserves the exact same layout as the source

Mobile Print
Connect to your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad or Android) to print via a wireless LAN access point

Working Folder
Enables users to send, receive and share documents at offices or in mobile environments, allowing an access to designated information anytime, anywhere

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