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WeChat Is The Fatest Growing App



MALAYSIA (21 November 2013) – WeChat, a leading mobile social communication app, is delighted to share that GlobalWebIndex has reported a staggering 1021% increase in usage of the social app among youths aged 16 to 19 worldwide between Q1 and Q3 of 2013, surpassing major social networks and applications as the fastest  growing app in the category. With over 100 million registered user accounts in international markets, WeChat has become the most downloaded social communication app in many markets.

WeChat now boasts a 90% penetration rate in Malaysia amongst its smartphone users and it’s bullish that it will continue its strong momentum to recruit and retain new users with its innovative approach to create value and meaningful interaction with their friends, family and favorite brands.

“WeChat has grown in leaps and bounds since it was introduced to the global market. To not only top the chart, but also dominate in teenage mobile social app usage is a demonstration of our promise to provide the best all-in-one social communication app to users worldwide. The global trend shows that more and more users are turning to the mobile social platform to consume content, communicate and keep in touch with people they care about. We believe that this is an opportunity for WeChat to further strengthen its presence in the global marketplace and we are dedicated to continue improving our app to enhance and provide a unique experience,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app.

The study was conducted based on the feedback from teenagers aged 16 to 19 globally, excluding China.

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