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Logitech's Pick For Christmas


KUALA LUMPUR (19 November 2013) — Regardless of age, many of us can remember at least a few magic moments from past Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a very special time for families to be together and without a doubt, it is the most popular time of the year to show our appreciation for one another.

Christmas is a great time to express your appreciation with a gift, but determining what to buy for each person at Christmas is a challenge much more complicated than the shopping process itself. To help you overcome these challenges this coming festive season, we offer some suggestions to help spark creative ideas for your gift buying efforts.

Here are a few of Logitech’s picks that might be the ideal gift for your loved ones.

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 The Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 is an elegantly designed pair of wireless stereo speakers that complements the sleek good looks of Mac and Ultrabook computers. Because in today’s world we often use other devices alongside our computer, these speakers let you effortlessly connect up to three devices at the same time through Bluetooth, so you can stream music and other audio from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

With gentle curves, a fabric finish and contemporary colors, these speakers add a graceful note to any space. The speakers were designed to resemble an object of art using shapes, materials, and colours that meld with the modern living space and complement the look of ultrathin laptops.

So if any of your loved ones are in the market for new speakers, this pair is certainly worth considering. The Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 is available for a suggested retail price of RM599.

Logitech UE 900 Logitech UE 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones
UE™ 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones deliver sound that is surpassed only by UE’s professional custom in-ear monitors. Thanks to four-armature speakers and a three-way crossover in a universal fit, you’ll hear a wide soundstage with soul-satisfying bass, heavenly highs and a crisp, piano-like timbre. The unique UE sound signature faithfully recreates the original recording – and adds a low-end kick.

Logitech’s UE 900 in-ear monitor earphones are aimed at the discerning music listener who wants the absolute best detail and widest frequency range. They are comfortable with excellent sound quality. So if you know anyone who listens to a lot of music and they like listening to it the best way possible, buying them the Logitech UE900 earphones is a smart way to go this Christmas.

The UE 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones are available for a suggested retail price of RM1,299.

Logitech UE Mobile BoomboxLogitech UE Mobile Boombox
The UE Mobile Boombox is an ultraportable speaker that connects to your smartphone or tablet to play and control your music from up to 50 feet away. Because two mobile devices can be connected at the same time, you can keep your two most-frequently used devices connected.

The UE Mobile Boombox is designed to give a surprisingly big sound in a portable package. With metal finishes, vibrant accents and a grip-action rubber casing, it is built to look good, feel great in your hand, and withstand a little rough and tumble. It is a great gift for anyone as it is an excellent portable speaker to throw in your bag when you are going to the beach, the park or even hiking. The UE Mobile Boombox is available for a suggested retail price of RM379.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
The latest addition to Logitech’s G line, the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse delivers 250 hours of non-stop battery life when in full gaming mode – Performance mode – and more than 1400 hours of use in non-gaming mode – or Endurance mode. It is the first wireless mouse to benefit from Logitech’s Logitech G exclusive Delta Zero™ sensor technology, which offers up to 2,500 DPI sensitivity.
Plus, it has an ultra durable build with primary mechanical switches rated to a 20 million-click lifespan. And, because it features eleven programmable controls, the user can easily master their favourite games by assigning the actions they use most to the buttons they want, using the Logitech Gaming Software. This would be one of the best Christmas gifts for any hardcore gamer. Gifts should not stop just at a great mouse. To complement the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, the Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad or the Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad can provide you the best optimal surface for your Logitech G mouse. The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse retails at a suggested price of RM269, Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad at RM89 and Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad at RM59.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad miniLogitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini
For those who own an iPad mini, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini will certainly fit your needs in terms of convenience and protection. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini offers a remarkably thin and light typing experience for iPad mini users. The keyboard easily connects to your iPad through Bluetooth, with the unique layout maximising key size for fast and fluid typing. The design of this Logitech’s thinnest, lightest keyboard folio also complements the mobility of the iPad mini.

Beyond convenience, users get protection with the durable, water-repellent two-sided casing, which helps protect your tablet from accidental bumps, scratches and spills. The folio’s SecureLock system also ensures your iPad stays firmly fastened to the frame, no matter if you position the dual-view stand upright for typing or flat with the keyboard hidden for browsing and viewing content. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini is available for a suggested retail price of RM299.

For more details and updates on Logitech’s Christmas picks, please log on to www.logitech.com/my or www.facebook.com/LogitechMalaysia




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