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Canon Introduces Océ PlotWave 340/360

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In conjunction with an open house organised by the Professional Printing Products (PPP) division, Canon Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd (Canon) has proudly announced the launch of the Océ PlotWave 340/360 printing system. Targeted for architectural, engineering and construction use, the Océ PlotWave 340/360 is set to raise the bar in large format printing by offering modern technical users the desired flexibility and mobility, as well as increased productivity and savings.

The Océ PlotWave 340/360 printing system was launched by Michael Sak, Vice President, Regional BIS Product Group, South and Southeast Asia and Pang Yee Peng, Senior Manager, Production Printing Products (PPP) Division of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. 80 invited guests from the industry were also present to celebrate the launch with Canon at the open house.

Commenting on Canon’s latest launch, Michael Sak said, “Canon offers one of the widest spectrum of printing solutions to the market today, from desktop imaging to large format solutions. And now, I am proud to introduce yet another great product – the Océ PlotWave 340/360, specifically designed with the technical user in mind. The Malaysian market is important to us. This is a rapidly growing economy, which demands expert technical support. And I am happy that in this respect, Canon is able to provide just that. After this release, there are still a lot more in the pipeline that will definitely excite our professional customers. I look forward in anticipation of delighting our customers even further.”

“This new system addresses the practical needs of technical users across Malaysia. Its advanced features, such as the multi-touch panel, cloud support and superior design make it very convenient for users to work on projects with other parties, and to perform printing tasks with the greatest of ease. Those who are looking for increased flexibility, connectivity and mobility in their multi-functional printing system will certainly be more than satisfied with what the Océ PlotWave 340/360 can offer,” stated Pang.

(From left to right): Mr Pang Yee Peng (Senior Manager, Production Printing Products (PPP) Division) and Ms Jessie Ooi (Sales Manager – TDS/LFP, PPP Division) of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and Mr Michael Sak, Vice President of Regional Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Product Group, South and Southeast Asia) of Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
(From left to right): Mr Pang Yee Peng (Senior Manager, Production Printing Products (PPP) Division) and Ms Jessie Ooi (Sales Manager – TDS/LFP, PPP Division) of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and Mr Michael Sak, Vice President of Regional Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Product Group, South and Southeast Asia) of Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

The modern touch
Like many other professionals, technical users are accustomed to managing their tasks and businesses through the latest gadgets and technology such as mobiles and tablets. As such, the Océ PlotWave 340/360’s new Océ ClearConnect multi-touch user panel presents a tablet-like printing interface with which users can perform their tasks easily. Users are able to swipe, pan, zoom and spread, as well as pull up documents to check critical details prior to print.

Furthermore, the panel’s intuitive gestured controlled touch software enables quicker printing with minimal errors, while its real time preview allows users to see the orientation of documents while scanning or copying to ensure critical details are captured. The printer also features easy shortcuts that help users save valuable time.

Working on cloud and connectivity
The Océ PlotWave 340/360’s cloud support feature enhances collaboration and greatly simplifies document workflows with other project members. For technical users working via project portals or in the cloud, documents can be conveniently accessed directly from the printer’s Océ ClearConnect multi-touch panel. Files can also be brought up on the printer from cloud-enabled workflows and scanned to the cloud of choice.

Apart from that, the printer allows users access and the ability to print documents directly from a USB flash drive or from a shared network. Should a file be stored in a mobile phone, users can simply connect to the office Wi-Fi and send it to print via the Océ Publisher Mobile App. Meanwhile, the Océ Publisher Select software for PCs can help users manage the more complex document sets.

Essential savings
Some of the most precious resources for technical companies are time and money. In this respect, the Océ PlotWave 340/360 printing system certainly leads the way. Besides the intuitive multi-touch panel that helps minimise errors, a brand new Océ Wide-format Printer Driver 2.0 for Windows® have been added to the system, enabling users to print complex drawings correctly the first time around. Its ‘What you see is what you print’ preview clearly highlights potential mistakes such as misplaced fold lines or error in document size that may occur with a particular selection. Based on the indicator, users can then modify their selection, saving the business from costly errors and losing valuable time.

Besides that, the Océ PlotWave 340/360 is also embedded with a powerful Microsoft® Windows® 7 controller, which enhances the technical user’s productivity.The Océ PlotWave 360 prints up to six A1 documents whilst the Océ PlotWave 340 prints up to four AI documents in just one minute with virtually no warm up time. This means that the printer heats up only at the moment it starts to print and immediately cools down after the job has been completed. It takes less than 40 seconds from cold click to print. When compared to the standard 4 minutes other conventional printers take to perform the same task, the Océ PlotWave 340/360 saves users an hour a day in printing delays.

Additionally, the printer is designed for fast file processing and capable of handling all file formats including HP-GI/2, PDF, DWF and JPEG, among others. Large files are also managed efficiently without compromising on speed. The Océ PlotWave 340/360’s true concurrent operation also enables users to utilise the scanner for copying or scanning while printing at the same time.

The Océ PlotWave 340/360 is now available at selected Canon authorised outlets.

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