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ASUS & Intel Launches "Fonepad is Calling" Campaign



Kuala Lumpur (29th November, 2013) — ASUS and Intel® announced a creative collaboration titled “Fonepad is Calling” to spark a global conversation about the fast-growing ‘phablet’ category of large-screen smartphones, titled “Fonepad is Calling.” The campaign has been on-going since 20th November, and ends on February 2014. The objective is to win mindshare on this emerging category, and be seen as one of the leaders in this space.

The campaign also supports two newly-launched Android tablets with 3G telephony features, called ASUS Fonepad Note 6 and ASUS Fonepad 7. Both products are powered by Intel, with Fonepad Note 6 running the Intel Atom™ processor Z2580 and Fonepad 7 running the Intel Atom processor Z2560. The new Fonepad models are innovative devices in the emerging phablet category and were announced during IFA in Berlin, Germany on September earlier this year. The “Fonepad is Calling” campaign extends Intel’s long history of collaboration with ASUS.

At the center of the campaign is the “Fonepad is Calling” online video, which educates and inspires consumers to understand how Fonepad fits their lifestyle. It positions Fonepad as the perfect combination of tablet and smartphone – allowing them to seamlessly move between their personal, social and professional life. These campaign videos also:

  • Features real-life characters that span age and profession
  • Uses slightly exaggerated contexts to highlight the transformative moment when people receive a call, while using a device that traditionally has only had tablet functionality
  • Showcases the benefit of multitasking for a wide range of people – from bomb squad experts to Chinese grandmothers – rather than listing the product’s features
  • Stars an international cast of comic actors that take the script to a whole other level through improvisation
  • Focuses primarily on online placements to engage millennials where they are

The “Fonepad is Calling” video and supporting digital assets can be found at: –

ASUS Fonepad 7 ME273CG_1

Projected growth of the phablet market

The phablet, a combination of the words ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’ and comprising smartphones with a screen size of five inches or larger, is expected to be a hit this holiday season.

“ASUS design thinking philosophy begins with the idea that technology must adapt to our ever-changing lifestyles, and not the other way around – this is why ASUS was one of the first companies to launch a 7-inch phablet globally,” said Jeff Yang, ASUS Marketing Director. “Phablets are still a new form factor, so there is a real opportunity to spark conversations to answer the many questions that still linger in consumer’s minds. Questions like ‘is one device all I need,’ or ‘is there such a thing as too big’ or ‘am I really buying a phone, or a tablet?’ In order to encourage millennials to have these conversations, we have worked hard to ensure ‘Fonepad is Calling’ is entertaining, social by design and omni-channel. It will be fun watching the debate take shape.”

“With Intel Inside, the ASUS Fonepad Note 6 and ASUS Fonepad 7 offer the amazing combination of a phone and a tablet in one device, as a convenient option for the growing number of consumers who spending more time on their smart phones consuming social media, music and games rather than on voice calls. We believe people will easily see the value of this innovative form factor through the ‘Fonepad is Calling’ campaign.” said Ryan Baker, Intel Global Partner Marketing.


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