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WD Launches "Speak Out In Style" Campaign

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KUALA LUMPUR (17 October 2013) – WD® in Malaysia today announced the launch of the Speak Out in Style campaign to encourage consumers to voice their thoughts and make good choices for the benefit of the environment.

“WD encourages consumers to speak out and share their computing needs so that we can assist them in making the right storage decisions,” said Margaret Koh, Sales Director, Asia South at WD.  “In the same vein, the Speak Out in Style campaign is in line with WD’s belief that every little bit of effort counts, especially when it concerns the environment. We want to encourage Malaysians to come together to show their support for Mother Nature, as well.”

“The Speak Out in Style campaign follows the success of the WD “Power of Choice” initiative which seeks to provide consumers with the type of drive that complements their unique usage requirements and demands. WD “Power of Choice” storage solutions consist of: WD Blue™ (solid performance and reliability for everyday computing), WD Green™ (cool and quiet), WD Black™ (maximum performance for power computing) and WD Red™ (home and small office NAS). The four-color scheme makes it simple for consumers to choose the drive that best suits their specific storage needs,” said Margaret.

Starting from today until 28 February 2014, the Speak Out in Style campaign has two main components. The first component consists of two contests, called the ‘Caption Sticker Contest’ and ‘T-Shirt Caption Contest’ respectively. These caption contests require participants to voice their thoughts on how to make the world more environmentally friendly by submitting creative captions to win a wide variety of prizes, including shopping vouchers, wireless speakers and professional cameras. The contests will be hosted on WD Malaysia’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WDMalaysia.

The second component of the Speak Out in Style campaign involves a series of on-ground engagements with selected colleges and universities around the Klang Valley. These colleges include Sunway University, INTI College Subang, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), HELP University and KDU University College. Called ‘Speak Out Sessions’, the on-ground activities will include local celebrities such as Ben Ibrahim, Thanuja Ananthan and Genevieve Sambhi joining in to share their thoughts on various causes, charitable organizations and NGOs which they represent in order to inspire students to be more vocal about the environment. The Speak Out Sessions also provide an avenue for students to present their thoughts and speak on environmental issues which are close to their hearts.

Margaret Koh further emphasized WD’s goal of reaching out to college and university students as being a key part of the Speak Out in Style campaign. She said, “WD is proud to be working with centers of learning which see and understand the value of helping to inculcate the ability to speak out, particularly amongst college and university students who are essentially the leaders of tomorrow, as well as the new advocates for the environment in the future.”

Dr. Wong Kok Keong, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts at Sunway University is on hand to officiate the campaign as one of the partner colleges and universities for the Speak Out Sessions. He highlights the need for tertiary students to develop a mindset which will help them to make better choices and decisions. “It’s important to cultivate the ability to be able to articulate thoughts, opinions and viewpoints, especially in colleges and universities where students are required to think critically and analytically,” he said. “Having the ability to speak out their opinions clearly and confidently will certainly go a long way towards creating a new generation that will stand up to protect the environment in the near future to come,” he added.

(From left) Dr. Wong Kok Keong, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication, Sunway University; Ms. Catherine Lee, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Arts, Department of Communication, Sunway University; Mr. Reza Salleh; Ms. Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director, Sunway University and Sunway Education Group; Ms. Genevieve Sambhi and Ms. Margaret Koh, Director of Sales, Asia South, Western Digital posing for a photo during the WD Speak Out in Style launch at Sunway University.


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