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Synology Unveils 2 New SMB NAS


Taipei, Taiwan (October 22, 2013) — Synology® Inc. today launched DiskStation DS414, a great advancement and rich offerings of technology among Synology NAS Value Series to support task-intensive SMB. Following the announcement of DS414 comes DS114, the compact but versatile unit that promises personal users to get the most with least investment.

“A little extra, gets you the best. DS414 and DS114 greatly advanced Synology product portfolio regarding its dedications to bring the best overall experience,” said Michael Wang, product manager at Synology Inc. “Through this expansion, we help our customers transform IT infrastructure from a cost center to an asset for innovation and success.”

Synology DS414_1
The four-bay DS414 features a dual-core CPU and high-performance file transfers.

Synology DS114_1Addressing the growing business needs of SMB pursuing reasonable TCO (total cost ownership) and IT agility, DS414 is a huge step forward considering the generous hardware specifications among Synology Value Series. Featuring dual core 1.33 GHz CPU with floating-point unit, 1 GB RAM, dual LAN, two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and the brand new tool-less HDD trays, DS414 stands out as one of the best values in 4-bay NAS devices available today. To ensure optimal services uptime, DS414 is equipped with dual LAN network failover support to maximize system availability. With link aggregation enabled, DS414 achieves over 135.63MB/sec writing speed under RAID 5 configuration in a Windows® environment, and over 207.07MB/sec reading.

Synology DS114, a compact, all-purpose NAS aiming at small business and home users, as a one-bay value model, it delivers remarkable read/write performance – over 108.32 MB/sec reading speed and 71.83 MB/sec writing speed in a Windows® environment. With DDR3 512MB RAM, twice the size of its predecessor, DS114 exhibits a surprising boost in multi-tasking performance. DS114 also comes with two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interfaces with up to 5 Gbps transmission speed, and an eSATA interface to power an external hard drive. In spite of its size, DS114 is extremely versatile as it shares the rich reservoir of applications available in DSM Package Center.

The DS414 and DS114 run on DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3, which provides rich features to boost user-productivity and simplify their tasks, all on a sleek user interface optimized for multitasking. Synology was honored with 2013 PCMag Business Choice Award and received the highest rating in every element of the survey, including reliability, overall satisfaction, value, and likelihood to recommend.


For more information, please visit:

DS414: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS414&lang=enu

DS114: http://www.synology.com/products/product.php?product_name=DS114&lang=enu

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