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Rule the High Seas in Disney Interactive's Latest FB Game




MALAYSIA, 4 October 2013 – Disney Interactive announced today Pirates of the Caribbean: Isles of War, a new, multiplayer, online Facebook experience founded in the lore of the hit films. Players engage in real-time naval combat against other players and AI pirates as they build a reputation to be the greatest pirate in all of the Caribbean. Joined by Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, and Hector Barbossa, players will build their base, expand their fleet and rule the high seas; whether through trade or plunder—the choice is theirs.

Finding adventure on the high seas is a dangerous, but possibly prosperous, proposition. Victory in combat will bring spoils, while defeat will force the player’s fleet to return to base for repairs, although a ship will never be truly destroyed. As players build stronger bases and fleets, more powerful enemies with greater rewards can be unlocked and discovered by truly intrepid pirates.


  • Build multiple fleets and battle enemies in five-on-five, real-time strategy, naval combat action.
  • Explore the open Caribbean world to encounter a wide variety of enemies and allies.
  • Construct and upgrade buildings to gain more resources, better ships, more types of officers and stronger base defenses.
  • Gather resources through plundering enemies, trading with neutral towns and other players, and harvesting from a base.
  • Engage with other players by building alliances or competing in massive player vs. player battles.




Intense swashbuckling action is now available on Facebook at https://apps.facebook.com/islesofwar!

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