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Playlist Browsing Now on Spotify


(14 October 2013) – Going for a jog or to the gym? We’ve got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. Hosting a dinner or getting ready for a big night out? We’ve got you covered. We even have playlists for different moods, so regardless of whether you need an upbeat boost or something more relaxing to wind down to – we’ve got just the thing. You can also browse through a collection of our top lists and check out new releases.

Spotify Playlist Browsing_android
Playlist browsing on Android

Rolling out to all mobile users in Malaysia now, Spotify’s new Browse page offers carefully chosen playlists for every moment of your day, handpicked by our experts. With an easy-to-view interface, features include:

  • Music for every moment: We’ve got just the right tunes for your morning commute, the after-lunch pick-me-up, and some evening relaxation.
  • Music for every mood: More than just genres, listen to a playlist for romance or a collection of classic 80s tunes.
  • Browse for what’s hot and what’s new: Find all the latest album and single releases from your favourite (or soon-to-be favourite) artists, and a collection of our top lists.


Recent innovations from Spotify have been all about helping people discover even more great music. First, our social features made it simple to follow your friends, favourite artists and tastemakers, and to easily send music recommendations to your friends in return. Then, with the launch of Discover, we offered personalised recommendations, based on the combination of our unique algorithms and years of experience and data. Now, Browse adds the human touch to this mix, creating a three-dimensional approach to music discovery. Between your friends, our personalised recommendations and real music experts, it’s the perfect formula to ensure you’ll always have the right music for every moment.

“We don’t rely on one source for recommendations in real life – and music discovery can’t be one-dimensional,” said Gustav Söderström, Chief Product Officer, at Spotify. “Our three-dimensional approach now combines the human touch with strong social features and unique technology from over five years of experience. We know music and we’re the first to marry all three aspects in one service, making it easier than ever for users to navigate the treasure trove of content within Spotify.”

Browse is now available to our iOS and Android users, and will soon be available across all platforms.

Happy browsing!

Spotify Playlist Browsing_ios
iOS’ take on Spotify’s playlist browsing feature.
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