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Budget 2014: Autodesk Statement



October 25, 2014

The Malaysian Budget 2014 placed great emphasis on enhancing national competitiveness in global economy and ensuring businesses are able to move steadily forward and embrace the innovation economy.

Autodesk - Tan Choon Sang
Tan Choon Sang, Country Manager, Autodesk Malaysia.

We applaud the announcement of the Malaysian Green Foundation with a grant of RM15 million to promote and enhance use of green technology by the corporate sector and the general public. This positive step forward to encourage the adoption of green technology is a reflection of the government’s positive attitude towards a more sustainable environment.

Without a doubt, design plays a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable future. Digital design technologies provide companies the advantage of allowing them to experience their ideas before they become a reality, thereby optimizing their green and sustainable designs. We look forward to support the government’s initiative and believe that the way forward is to include sustainability as part of the business equation. Autodesk is confident the number of green architectures and infrastructure will grow in Malaysia in 2014 and beyond.

Human Capital Development

Human capital development remains one of the key challenges for the ICT industry and we are pleased with the government’s continued commitment and emphasis to invest in nurturing talent to create a pool of trained and competitive workforce. The government’s move to provide RM400 million through the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) for registered companies to give opportunities to employees to enrol in up-skilling and reskilling programmes is certainly welcomed.

In order to raise Malaysia’s position as a competitive market, the industry needs to produce a quality workforce with the right skills. Through our Autodesk Education Community we support education institutions and students by providing training for using the Autodesk software optimally. We are committed to providing comprehensive learning resources to supplement training syllabus via its education institutions such as providing certification, access to tools and skills enhancement for individuals. Autodesk strongly believes that education and training are enablers that will promote an environment for innovation to push the country forward.

The allocations made at the 2014 National Budget encourages Autodesk to continuously strengthen our push to encourage creative and innovative usage of design technology in Malaysia, especially in the architecture, engineering and construction sectors, as well as the manufacturing, multimedia and creative industries. We believe companies that continue to invest in technology that gives them the competitive edge will most likely be able to weather through any economic uncertainty.

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