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BOSCH Launches DIVAR IP Recorder

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Kuala Lumpur, 4 October 2013 – Keeping up to speed with the latest market requirements, Bosch has launched the new DIVAR IP recorder family. Consisting of an all-in-one video management system as well as storage solution, the system perfectly combines a network recorder, storage array, client workstation and integrated software to deliver optimum video surveillance capabilities.

“The DIVAR IP recorder is our latest range of HD recorder that showcases Bosch’s commitment in achieving innovative breakthrough in developing holistic solutions for surveillance video. The recorder’s high-quality visual and scalable recording solutions for different applications enable superior monitoring systems in the premises,” said Jacky Chuan, General Manager of Security Systems Division at Robert Bosch Sdn Bhd.

Present market demands necessitate smooth and instant access to high-quality surveillance video. Users have come to expect equal degrees of comfort and performance when being away from the office or control center. With the launch of four new DIVAR IP video recorders, Bosch offers customers different recording solutions. Users can choose to adopt simple yet scalable storage solutions or scalable all-in-one solutions for small to large-sized security systems.

All DIVAR IP recorders enable recording, viewing, and export of high-definition and standard definition resolutions, while streams are displayed in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios simultaneously. Depending on the model, the recorded videos can be viewed and managed using a remote operating client and integrated operating client or a built-in web application.

With Bosch’s revolutionary Dynamic Transcoding Technology, users of the DIVAR IP system gain instant real time access to quality HD video content from anywhere, anytime. This technology enables high-resolution live video streaming and playback even over limited bandwidth connections. It adapts the image quality to the available bandwidth regardless of the internet connection speed. This applies to 3G areas with limited reception as well as WiFi connections with constantly changing throughput.

The Bosch Video Security app allows HD video to be viewed on an iPad/iPhone and PC/notebook running on MS Windows from any location.

The all-in-one DIVAR IP 3000/7000 recorders are equipped with Bosch’s Video Management Software, which offers advanced alarm processing that identifies and manages the most critical events. Along with the fully integrated support for Forensic Search feature, it allows operators to have quick access to a particular event from hours of recorded material. Once the desired object has been identified, Instant Detail Enhancement will immediately display the paused image in full HD quality.

The new DIVAR IP family is scalable to meet the requirements of different application sizes. The DIVAR IP 3000 supports up to 32 channels with up to 8 TB of storage, making it ideal for smaller and medium sized installations such as retail, education, banking and similar industries. The DIVAR IP 7000 comes pre-licensed for 32 channels, and can be easily expanded up to 128 channels in line with growing needs. Its internal storage supports up to 16 TB of recorded video.

To increase the storage capacity, the new DIVAR IP 2000 and DIVAR IP 6000 storage devices can be added to all models in the DIVAR IP family.

All four of the new DIVAR IP recorders are ONVIF-compliant and thus integrate seamlessly with a wide range of security software and hardware solutions from Bosch. This includes the Bosch Video Management System, the IP 2000, IP 5000, and AUTODOME cameras. The system is further supported by the Bosch Integration Partner Program, which provides partners immediate access to online tools for easy integration of management and recording software, video analytics, monitor wall systems, and cloud monitoring.

Further details of this program are available from: ipp.boschsecurity.com.


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