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Samsung Electronics To Debut UHD Displays At IFA 2013



Berlin, Germany (September 4, 2013) Samsung Electronics will begin the era of ultra high definition (UHD) displays by introducing a 98” UHD commercial large format display (LFD) and a 31.5” UHD monitor at IFA 2013, held from September 6 to September 11 in Berlin, Germany

“Samsung Electronics will lead the world’s UHD products market by aggressively introducing UHD-based commercial displays and monitors, starting at IFA 2013,” said Senior Vice President, Jeong-hwan Kim of Enterprise Business Team at Visual Display Business in Samsung Electronics.

98”UHD Large Format Display

Samsung Electronics’ 98” UHD LFD is the largest in the industry and provides four times higher resolution than full HD displays available in the market. As a result, viewers can enjoy life-like detail and picture quality.

The 98” UHD LFDs can be installed vertically to create a larger display screen for an immersive viewing experience. For instance, at IFA 2013, Samsung Electronics will create large video walls in sizes of 171 inches—about the size of a passenger car—by connecting three vertically oriented UHD LFDs side by side. Visitors will be able to experience high picture quality that is 12 times the resolution of full HD displays.

31.5” UHD Monitor

Additionally, Samsung Electronics will also unveil its first 31.5” UHD monitor at IFA 2013. The monitor is a response to the trend of monitor sizes increasing and boasts the largest screen among Samsung monitors.

With 8.3 million pixels, the 31.5” UHD monitor has four times the number of pixels than that of a full HD display (2.07 million pixels) and provides a brilliantly realistic screen with high resolution.

The monitor also supports calibration. A thorough inspection is conducted by dividing the screen into 25 divisions and checking for color values. Calibration is also possible through separate software, which consumers can use to adjust colors. In addition, it can express richer colors among existing monitors by displaying 1 billion colors and supporting 99 percent coverage of Adobe RGB color space.

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