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Ricoh Previews New Business Solutions



Kuala Lumpur (30 September 2013)Tennis fans visiting the recent ATP tour Malaysian Open got more than they bargained for – a special appearance by world-class player Federico Delbonis and an exclusive insight into Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.’s new communication items. The event further cemented Ricoh’s position as a leader in the office and business solutions industry.

“We at Ricoh believe that sports aptly ties in with our tagline, ‘imagine. change.’. In almost any sport, the power of collective imagination is crucial to inspire a player to perform and play a great game. Similarly in the unpredictable world of business, imagination is a powerful tool in developing unique ideas and innovations to stay ahead in a competitive environment,” said Nick Tan, General Manager – Marketing of Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

The grounds of Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil was alive with merriment as Delbonis graciously engaged and entertained visiting Ricoh guests as he was challenged to a game of “Speed Serve”, clocking in a fiery speed of 178km/h. The aim of the activity was to reflect Ricoh’s efficiency and effectiveness in evolutionising paper to the digital platform.

“Ricoh is a strong advocate in sustainability. Our business and IT solutions as well as our products and services are focused on evolutionising us as people into a paper-less environment. Hence, in line with our dedication to saving paper, we hope to continue to support the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to save the trees and go green,” said Mr. Tan.

Every RM1 contributed by participating guests for two (2) attempts at the ‘Speed Serve’ challenge were channelled towards efforts to rehabilitate mangroves by the Malaysian Nature’s Society (MNS).

Tennis aside, Delbonis joined Ricoh in embracing the new age of visual communication with Ricoh’s new Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and Unified Communication Systems (UCS) that are bound to transform the way people and businesses connect anywhere, anytime, by anyone with anyone.


Ricoh P3000_1
Top view of the UCS.


Delbonis and Ricoh also marked a new beginning in the paper-less era with a modernised and unconventional signing session via a virtual poster screened on the IWB – a high-quality, high-resolution display, with smooth touch screen responsiveness that enables easy remote image sharing. Guests were also invited to register their arrival on the IWB, further exemplifying the paper-less occasion.

Simultaneously, the UCS provided real-time interactive audio and video communication with multiple locations, giving visitors an overview of the happenings in and around the Ricoh booth including Delbonis’ meet and greet and the highlights at the ‘Speed Serve’ Challenge corner, enabling enhanced accessibility and connectivity at the event.

“The IWB and UCS are key in creating the future office. There will no longer be a need to divert resources such as time, energy and man hours on activities that would usually be demanded in order to serve customers, meet strategic objectives, and develop new offerings effectively. These new products will render information sharing and visual communication between different parties, simple, effective and convenient. Furthermore, with the pace of change in today’s IT environment, we are experiencing greater amounts of information being digitised and a rapid widespread of smart devices and tablet PC usage. As the cost for information sharing has drastically dropped and cloud computing begins to take hold, Ricoh also aims to provide IT solutions and services that can support and complement SMEs and organisations with their work by allowing the increase of both end-user productivity, cost-efficiency, and the minimisation of carbon footprint,” said Mr. Ian Lim, General Manager for Technology Solutions.

The “Precision Rally” also proved to be another hit activity at the Ricoh booth. Guests took part in the free activity after filling in a Ricoh IT Solutions Survey form where they will receive a free Ricoh IT health check. Credible Ricoh IT personnel will visit the company to provide a thorough desktop check, give a brief and quick summary of the company’s current IT state, and later on, to provide suggestions to improve the company’s IT infrastructure further.


Delbonis with the management team of Ricoh (Malaysia).


Complementing the revelation of its new communication items, Ricoh Malaysia offers comprehensive IT Services packages, further proving that it is more than just a copier and printer company. Ricoh Malaysia – a one-stop centre for IT Services, is guaranteed to power a good start for SMEs and businesses. Ricoh’s IT Services packages include:

  •  The General Package: Provide consultation and deployment to secure, enhance, and empower SMB and SMEs’ IT infrastructure.
  •  Package A: Provide IT equipment and deployment for customers who lack IT knowledge, are at a risk of power consumption and who face the issue of un-centralised data as well as connectivity networking.


Daily prizes were awarded to participants for both activities. The “Speed Serve” grand winner with the all-time fastest serve over the course of the ATP Tour Malaysian Open will walk away with a tennis racquet, exclusively signed by world-class tennis player, David Ferrer.

For more information, visit Ricoh’s website at www.ricoh.com.my or get updates from www.facebook.com/RicohMalaysiaOfficial. For more information on Ricoh’s IT Services offered, call 1300-88-8228.


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