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HTC Malaysia Celebrates HTC Day


Kuala Lumpur (21 September 2013) – HTC Malaysia officially launched HTC Day at the HTC concept kiosk located at The Gardens Mall, to celebrate the milestones achieved and 17 years of pioneering innovation the company has brought through its smartphones. SK Wong, Country Manager of HTC Malaysia, Sirpa Ikola, Senior Marketing Director for HTC South Asia and the HTC Malaysia team were present at the concept store to meet and greet customers. HTC Malaysia also introduced the HTC Switch program as well as a new customer service procedure in support of the Here’s to Change campaign rolled out recently.

Sirpa, SKWong and HTC Malaysia team

“HTC has always been the trend-setter in challenging the status quo in smartphone technology. We produced the first Android smartphone and also pioneered the touch-screen feature in smartphones,” said Mr. SK Wong. “This commitment definitely did not end there as we launched the flagship HTC One that introduced a full-aluminium unibody and a dual front speaker that no one has done before.”

The HTC team also provided details on the ‘Here’s to Change’ campaign to its customers on HTC Day. The ‘Here’s to Change’ brand platform and marketing campaign celebrates the unique way HTC approaches product design, innovation and the mobile industry. The marketing campaign, kicks off with a series of creative advertisements featuring Robert Downey Junior on HTC. “HTC’s first ‘Here’s to Change’ advertisement featuring Robert Downey Junior, carries the creative message that HTC caters to a variety of different people through the actor’s creative, quirky and rebellious attitude. Robert Downey Junior is given creative control and has heavily defined the direction of the ad,” said Sirpa Ikola, Senior Marketing Director of HTC South Asia.

Also introduced on that day were local efforts to support the change platform that target the retailers and customer service:-

HTC Switch Program

The HTC Switch program is to educate HTC retailers and consumers on the user friendly transfer tools on HTC smartphones. HTC features four easy-to-use transfer tools for consumers that make the switch to HTC smartphones a breeze; they are the Android Play Store downloadable HTC Transfer Tool, the HTC Sync Manager, the web-based HTC Get Started and HTC Backup, a transfer tool that utilizes cloud services. These essential tools help users retrieve and transfer all their important data, photos, videos, music, contacts and emails to their brand new HTC smartphone.

Brand New Customer Service

HTC is also introducing a new customer service through the introduction of a new HTC Careline at 1800 88 9855 for their customers. Customers with device issues can send their devices to be diagnosed and repaired by simply contacting the HTC Careline without leaving the comfort of home. HTC personnel will collect the device from the customer and have it sent back to them once it is completed.

HTC One X Trade-in Program

HTC also offered a special promotion to HTC One X users on HTC Day that allowed them to purchase the flagship smartphone, HTC One at a discounted price of RM999 when they trade in their HTC One X smartphone.

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