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Apacer Rolls Out “Q Zoo” AH171 Mobile Flash Drive

Taipei (24 September 2013) – The lovely gadget for smartphones and tablet PCs, Apacer’s “Q Zoo” is now available! The first three models of the mobile flash drive include the Pinky Piglet, Brownie Bear and Jumping Tiger. With that lovely look and ultra-flexibility, your smartphone is more than adorable! It is compatible with Android smartphones or tablet PCs that support the USB OTG (On-the-Go) function. When hanging out with friends and family, the only thing you need for the storage of movies or photos from your friends’ phones is an Apacer mobile flash drive instead of a laptop to transport files to your smartphones or tablet PCs. With easy connection and rapid transmission of files, it’s the optimal choice to share files and happiness. Just leave files that are too large for phones and tablet PCs to the “Q Zoo” mobile flash drive with a storage capacity of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB.


Lovely Models and Super Healing Touch

The first series of the adorable “Q Zoo” characters are: the Pinky Piglet loving rolling, the Brownie Bear enjoying sweets and the Jumping Tiger being energetic. These chubby models with vivacious colors are just lovely beyond expression, turning your smartphone into a healing avatar.

The Pinky Piglet is the boss and manager of “Q Zoo”. He is quite busy but is also good at seeking leisure moments to relax and roll. The Jumping Tiger is the super star of the zoo. Every weekend, he co-stars with the Pinky Piglet in the main play “Hunting Show”. However, the Pinky Piglet always worries that the Jumping Tiger will play the show in reality one day. The Brownie Bear sleeps twenty hours a day so that he is often mistaken for a rock. In his waking hours, the bear eats sweets all the time and his large consumption of honey is quite a headache for the Pinky Piglet!

The “Q Zoo” mobile flash drive weighs merely 7g. It has an eco-friendly rubber case with a mochi-like cute touch, drawing people to play around, to rub and pinch, sending out healing magic! Besides, it features the intimate design of a strap hole for users to attach their favorite straps, turning the flash drive into a portable lovable strap itself.

Capacity Increases, Entertainment On The Go

Smartphones and tablet PCs are the most significant sources of entertainment. But big-sized films, music and photos have already exceeded the built-in memory load. What can we do? Apacer has launched the “Q Zoo” mobile flash drive series with a large capacity of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB respectively. You can watch videos anytime anywhere without worrying about the phone’s storage limit but lagging behind schedule!

OTG Specification: Enjoy & Share with Ease

All Android smartphones and tablet PCs with OTG function are able to connect with the “Q Zoo” Mobile Flash Drive in an instant plug-in-and-play manner and to easily and speedily share files with friends at any time. It will turn into a standard USB 2.0 flash drive as long as it is connected to the supplied USB adaptor, being compatible with every computer and USB device to share files with easy access.

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