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LG Outs 55″ & 65″ Ultra HD TVs



KUALA LUMPUR (23 August 2013)LG Electronics (LG) recently held the Malaysian showcase of its new 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs (both coming under the model number LA9700), expanding its impressive next generation TV line-up.

Although smaller in scale than the ground breaking 84-inch model, LG’s new ULTRA HD TVs offer the same incredible sense of immersion with stunningly sharp picture quality and exceptional colour contrast. In addition to producing mesmerising ULTRA HD images, the 55- and the 65-inch models feature powerful audio and captivating design; completing an irresistible home entertainment experience.

“By introducing 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, we are expanding the ULTRA HD market and further solidifying our position as the leader in next generation display technology,” said HK Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd. “As the first company to offer the jaw dropping ULTRA HD experience, LG now boasts three outstanding models, meaning consumers can select the screen size that best suits their lifestyle. Producing crisp, high contrast images with the most vivid colours imaginable, LG’s ULTRA HD TVs are the true champions of picture quality,” he added.


Unparalleled ULTRA HD Picture Quality

LG’s 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs deliver an incredible 8.3 million pixels per frame. Enabling the new models to achieve this superior screen resolution is LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, which also up-scales any video format into crisp, near-ULTRA HD picture quality. Optimised with the company’s proprietary Super Resolution algorithm, the Tru-ULTRA HD Engine maximises image clarity, improves sharpness and eliminates any blurring caused by the up-scaling process.

Both Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories (UL), two of the most respected product testing and certification bodies in the world have recognised the superior picture quality of LG’s 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs. Each organisation put the new models through a thorough evaluation process, assessing picture quality based on a number of different criteria. In addition to resolution, colour accuracy, contrast, balance and viewing angle, the tests also covered 3D-specific performance characteristics including screen blink and pixels per image.

Additionally, LG has equipped its new ULTRA HD TVs with Nano FULL LED backlighting. As a result, illumination control is greatly enhanced, guaranteeing outstanding contrast and consistent brightness across the entire breadth of the screen. The LA9700 models also incorporate In-Plane Switching (IPS) display panels, which offer incredible colour expression and a wide, 178 degree viewing angle. Users can enjoy watching LG’s ULTRA HD TVs from almost any position in the room, without having to worry about colour distortion or loss of visual detail.

Thanks to razor-sharp ULTRA HD screen resolution, LG’s 55- and 65-inch models produce the most stunning 3D images. Additionally, the company’s Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology provides a crosstalk-free 3D viewing experience that enables the user to wear comfortable, lightweight glasses.


Sliding Speaker & Breathtaking Design

LG has complemented its superior ULTRA HD picture technology with captivating audio. Both new models feature a 4.1 channel, 50W sound system that includes the Sliding Speaker. This cleverly concealed sound bar boasts four forward-facing speakers, which deliver room-filling audio with excellent expression across the mid and high frequency ranges. Located behind the screen, a powerful subwoofer ensures strong bass performance as well. The elegant, decor-enhancing Sliding Speaker can be programmed to remain permanently hidden or permanently extended. Alternatively, it can be set to silently slide out when the TV is turned on, and retract when powered off.

LG’s ULTRA HD TVs are the embodiment of stylish yet functional modern design. The new models offer the subtle aesthetics and narrow bezels of LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design, serving to heighten the viewer’s sense of immersion. An unobtrusive chrome finish stand completes the minimalist appearance of LG’s next generation TVs.


Desirably Smart TV

LG’s Smart TV platform offers an incredible user-friendly design and access to a growing collection of apps and content services from all over the globe. Meanwhile, the Magic Remote provides natural language recognition, point, wheel, and gesture control options, making it easy to navigate menus, search for content or play entertaining game apps. LG’s Smart TV platform also incorporates a useful service called Now On, which recommends content based on the user’s viewing habits. In addition, the 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs boast excellent wireless connectivity options, such as WiDi and Miracast for convenient screen mirroring, and LG’s NFC-based Tag On for convenient device pairing.


For more news and information on LG, log on to www.lg.com/my or www.facebook.com/LGEMalaysia or call 1800-822-822.

HK Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics Malaysia posing with LG’s new line-up of ULTRA HD TVs at the media showcase.
HK Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics Malaysia posing with LG’s new line-up of ULTRA HD TVs at the media showcase.
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