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Groupon Malaysia Discovers E-Commerce Popularity



KUALA LUMPUR, 16th AUGUST 2013 – A recent survey by Groupon Malaysia has discovered that as many as 31% of Malaysian consumers preferred to do their Hari Raya shopping via online platforms.

“Being a core component of social e-commerce in Malaysia, we sought to utilize this survey as a means of better understanding consumer spending habits to be able to constantly improve our own services and offers which in turn allows us to generate the very best deals possible. As such we were pleased to discover that the industry continues to grow in popularity with shopping trends around even more traditional celebrations generating a considerable boost to the number of online transactions.” said Rafiq Razali, Country General Manager of Groupon Malaysia.

According to a study conducted by Nielsen in 2011, Malaysia’s online commerce sector had grown to a value of RM 1.97 billion (US$ 654 million) in transactions, a growth of 9% compared to 2010, demonstrating the potential for significant growth in the years to come.

Rafiq also added that as the nation’s leading social e-commerce platform, he hopes that more and more Malaysians would appreciate the value of platforms such as Groupon in aiding in the growth of their business potential.

“Social e-commerce continues to perform at a healthy pace in Malaysia and has in very real ways provided SME’s, entrepreneurs and even national brands with a revitalisation of commercial activity. Through this survey as well as numerous other initiatives geared towards supporting our merchant partners we hope to provide enterprising Malaysians and businesses with unique opportunities to create amazing life experiences for their customers, for years to come.” said Rafiq.

The Groupon Malaysia Hari Raya survey was conducted via online channels from amongst the company’s subscriber base in Malaysia. For further information regarding Groupon Malaysia visit www.groupon.my


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