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KUALA LUMPUR (22 August 2013) – Acer Malaysia is encouraging users of electronic items to properly dispose of their unwanted equipment by launching a Voluntary Take Back Program. Under this Program, anyone who wishes to dispose of their unwanted Acer machines have a means to recycle the items and in the process, be rewarded with up to RM200 in trade-in voucher.

The environmental friendly program is open to all Acer users for one year, from 1August 2013 to 31July 2014.

“Everybody has at least one gadget these days. Be it a smartphone, desktop, notebook or tablet, inevitably we will want to upgrade or the machine will run its lifespan. We noticed that a number of people do not really know of an avenue to dispose of these machines properly. Acer Malaysia has decided to launch this Voluntary Take Back program to encourage responsible discard of unwanted machine and not dumping it into the trash bin,” said Mr. Ricky Tan, General Manager of Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd.

Its catchy tagline of ‘Don’t bin it. Bring it and get rewarded’ aptly describes the essence of the program where customers can bring their unwanted Acer machines to any Highpoint Service Network Sdn. Bhd. and upon verification, they will receive a trade-in voucher.

The Voluntary Take Back program accepts working or non-working Acer notebooks, UltrabooksTM, desktops PCs, all-in-one (AIO) desktops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, projectors and monitors. Acer customers can then use the trade-in vouchers for their next purchase.

Tan explained, “This Acer Voluntary Take Back program helps communities reduce waste. It is a meaningful program to give Malaysians an option for disposing of end-of-life Acer machine and contribute towards a clutter-free earth. Together we can make Earth clutter-free and it will also help decrease waste management and disposal costs for society.”

Acer Malaysia is working through Highpoint Service Network, with an authorized agency to recycle and dispose the collected machines in an environmentally friendly manner.

For more information on the Voluntary Take Back Program and the terms and conditions, please visit www.acer.com.my

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