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Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G930 Review

Logitech has been making accessories and peripherals for the PC for a very, very long time (since the early 80s) and the company has a strong line-up of products for the gaming community. The G930 Wireless Gaming Headset is the company’s latest flagship audio product and this is one category that is getting increasingly crowded. There are many such headsets nowadays, but Logitech is trying to differentiate itself by offering wireless connectivity, as well as programmable buttons on the G930.

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Wireless Simplicity

There’s nothing much in the way of specifications, but suffice to say that the G930 boasts 40mm diameter Neodymium drivers which is smaller compared to many pro-gaming headsets which use 50mm or even larger drivers. The wireless connection uses a 2.4GHz radio frequency transmitter which is good for up to 40 feet. The built-in battery is rated for up to 10 hours of usage per charge and it takes roughly 2-3 hours to get it to maximum capacity, provided the headset is not being used.

There are three customizable buttons, a microphone mute button and a volume wheel, all situated on the left cup. There’s also a micro USB port here, for charging purposes or to turn the G930 into a wired headset if the batteries are running low. The receiver is a USB dongle which can either go directly into your PC’s USB port or onto the provided hub, which has very useful cable management features.

No-hassle Setup

Setting up the headset is easy – Windows 7 recognises it and downloads the drivers automatically. However, to enjoy its full 7.1 surround audio capability, users need to get the latest software from Logitech (or use the provided CD). Installing that would enable Dolby surround sound and users can customise the headsets positional audio settings. The software also enables users to customise the programmable keys. They can be set to start the music player app, or skip tracks and et cetera. These buttons can be pretty handy if you listen to a lot of music; they’re not so useful for gamers as they will require taking your left hand off the keyboard to use. The volume wheel is great and works much better than those that use rocker switches.

Logitech's software is easy-to use, even for beginners.
Logitech’s software is easy-to use, even for beginners.

Average Comfort, Good Performance

As far as comfort goes, I’d say the G930s are average. The ear cups seemed a bit too hard and didn’t fit my head too well. Weight-wise, it is acceptably light (or heavy) but long hours wearing it will definitely produce strain around the ears. Battery life was good, around the rated 10 hours, but that may slowly deteriorate over time. Users can always plug in the cable, so that’s not a deal breaker.

In terms of 7.1 surround audio performance, the G930 works very well. First person shooters like Battlefield 3 sound really good on the G930s. Although bass is lacking for music, it’s actually a good thing for games as most of the in-game sounds are in the mid-range, which this headset excels at. The microphone is also very sensitive but clear and in-game comms work really well.

The controls for positional audio is rather limited, but adequate for most gamers.
The controls for positional audio is rather limited, but adequate for most gamers.

Recommended for Wireless Afficionados

Overall, I’d recommend the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset for those who want an easy solution for solid positional audio performance in games. The wireless capabilities are a bonus as wires can sometimes get in the way of things and clutter up your desk. The price is a tad high; at RM599 it cannot match the performance of some wired headsets, but remember that this is a wireless solution and one that doesn’t require a sound card.

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