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Gamenauts Set To Launch Nuclear Outrun

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 1, 2013 – 
Gamenauts, in conjunction with developers Nerdook Productions and Nightspade, today announced the release date for their highly anticipated iOS doomsday shooter, Nuclear Outrun. To entertain players while they await imminent annihilation, Gamenauts also unveiled the official trailer: http://youtu.be/wsx5vpPdjlo

Thought the world was safe after 2012? Think again. A nuclear missile from an unknown source is about to hit land and it’s up to players to escape as far as they can before the explosion… or before their truck gets blown to pieces by zombies intent on ruining the party!

Today’s trailer showcases the super-charged and action-filled pace of the game, along with hilarious weapons such as the Shark Gun, Fart Bazooka, Twitgun and the terrifying Chicken Rain. We also get a glimpse of the colorful cast of survivors, who each provide different abilities in escape artistry to the mix, as well as wacky vehicles like the Catmobile and the disease-ridden Jolly Scurvy. Finally, the trailer reveals the location of the much-sought-after Weapon of Mass Destruction, i.e. George the cyborg T-Rex!

Nuclear Outrun for iOS is the enhanced remake of Nerdook’s 2012 Flash hit and is the second in a series of games to be released under Gamenauts’ Asian indie mobile publishing initiative.

It’s T-minus two weeks until the end of the world! Gear up and get ready to escape (or at least die trying) for free on July 18, 2013.

Nuclear Outrun features:

  • Annihilate zombies with 25 hilarious weapons, such as the nefarious Squid Launcher, the room-clearing Fart Bazooka, and the bloodthirsty Shark Gun.
  • Rescue & collect 30 different survivor types, including Hipsters, Nurses, and Lawyers, each with their own unique perks! The further the player progresses, the more rare and powerful the allies.
  • Escape in 18 vehicles from the cavity-inducing Ice Cream Truck, to the passive-aggressive Catmobile, to the overcompensating Terminatus X.
  • Unleash devastating Weapons of Mass Destruction such as George the laser-shooting T-Rex and the Teddy Bear Bomber.
  • Activate Power-Ups including the terrifying Chicken Rain and the Coins Unicorn.
  • Compete with jealous friends and boast high scores on Game Center & Twitter.
  • Rock out to a soundtrack from ska/punk band The Skank Agents!

To learn more about Nuclear Outrun, please visit Gamenauts on:


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