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AXIS Communications’ Technology Update


With the perceived rising crime rate in Malaysia, citizens as well as businesses are now opting to employ the latest in surveillance technology to provide them a degree of assurance, knowing that it will either be a deterrent, or the fact that they can reclaim their assets once the culprit has been identified. Enter Axis Communications, currently the leader in video surveillance. They have unveiled a series of products during a media luncheon a few weeks back, which includes some new solutions that overcome some challenges faced by current surveillance systems.

A common problem faced with modern surveillance systems is the coverage area. With a limited area, one must either invest in a few cameras, or select which area to focus on. Axis solves this problem by offering cameras that offer 360-degree or 180-degree panoramic view. As you can observe from the shot below, different Axis cameras use different viewing angles, and in this particular scenario (a convenience store), the M3007-PV is the best option, offering the widest viewing angle.


Another common issue is lighting, or the lack of it. If you’ve played any modern stealth game, the general gameplay feature is the dark is your friend. That also applies in real life, where common cameras are not able to capture any activity when the environment is dark. Axis overcomes that with their Lightfinder technology, which is part of the P13 camera. Tucked within the camera is a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor that enables identification of objects and people in poor light conditions.








Another extreme of poor lighting conditions is one where there is too much light, creating a bright blind spot. Axis also solves that through taking Wide Dynamic Range footage, which evens out the exposure, letting the user identify subjects even at extreme lighting conditions.


Video captures take quite a bit of space, and some of the space is wasted when most of the information in the image is redundant, like corridors. You only need to focus on movement along the corridor, and not the redundant information on the sides. Axis camera can use a “Corridor Format” feature which focuses on movement along corridors, saving you space whilst getting you the information you actually need.


Most cameras are static – they just stay still and record. AXIS now adds an auto-tracking feature that follows a moving subject wherever they travel, whether they are cars or people. It can also go one step further with Digital Auto-tracking, which uses digital zoom to focus on said subject.


When you’re looking for an “invisible” camera, the P85 and P12 network cameras let you place your solution in inconspicuous spots. The cameras are able to record in HDTV quality. The P85 is used mainly for reliable identification, while the P12 is for general indoor and outdoor usage.


When you frequent a store, you might be observed by a slightly intimidating CCTV. The new M2014-E takes away that intimidation factor by coming in a smaller package. Dubbed the world’s smallest bullet-style HDTV network camera, the camera if IP66-rated, enabling it to survive water and dust easily.


For environments in complete darkness, the M3024-LVE uses its built-in IR LEDs to observe its assigned area. Depending on the scene, the LEDs provide illumination of up to 10 meters.

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And finally, there’s the Q87-E. This camera has a thermal camera for detection, covering a significantly larger area than mere illumination. Sure, you won’t be using this, but it’s useful for covering large, flat plains, and especially if the area is restricted.

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If you’re looking for a network surveillance solution, then AXIS would be your best bet. With all these new solutions and features, it’s is as timely as ever to invest in a network surveillance solution.

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