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ZTE Blade A71 – The price that doesn’t make sense

3 months ago / 0 comments

If the price of RM499 to take back a smartphone with the features and performance of RM1,599, it’s gotta be the ZTE Blade A71 – The phone with the most bang for the bucks. …

ZTE Blade A51 – Big Features, Small Price

5 months ago / 0 comments

If you ever need to provide smartphones to your old folks or kids at home (without breaking your wallet), turn to your left and look at the ZTE Blade A51 under RM500 that doesn’t …

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra – A new premium player

5 months ago / 0 comments

The smartphone’s premium segment has a new member – ZTE. This month, they will introduce the Axon 30 Ultra, a premium model which rivals the flagships by Apple, Huawei and Samsung. The ZTE Axon …