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Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs Enhance Malaysian Homes with their Distinctive Features and Dazzling Designs

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Samsung has been known to pioneer many innovations that the world now enjoys. Among those innovations, the tech company will always be fondly remembered for transforming a large black box into the dainty, gorgeous …

Samsung’s The Frame expands its Catalogue with a New Collection of Paintings from the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Spain

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Samsung Electronics announced its commitment to the world of art and culture by adding 38 new art pieces from the Thyssen Museum in Spain to its Art Store. The pieces are an addition to …

Frame Your TV as a Piece of Art

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Kuala Lumpur (27 July 2017) — Televisions today have transformed into works of art. As consumers focus more on design aesthetics, the entertainment staple has turned into a stylish overhaul to fit seamlessly into any …