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Porsche 4Kids as a welcome distraction

12 months ago / 0 comments

In recent weeks, the normal lives of many children have changed radically. Daycare centres and schools have closed, working parents are trying to manage the balancing act between work and childcare, and the home …

Pinball-style Puzzle RPG Dungeon Balls Pro officially launched on Google Play and Appstore

5 years ago / 0 comments

Malaysia (5 August 2016) — Gamers looking for a super fun, unique game with special gameplay and comic elements, now have the perfect choice by playing “Dungeon Balls Pro”. 8elements, one of Asia’s leading publishers …

8elements releases Movie Game BoBoiBoy Power Spheres on Google Play

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Hong Kong (3 March 2016) — 8elements, one of Asia’s leading publishers for truly localized games and services, today announced the release of movie tie-in mobile game BoBoiBoy Power Spheres. This new Puzzle Action …