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Live Life Non-Stop with the Samsung Galaxy J Series (2016)

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Kuala Lumpur (15 June 2016) — In this age of information, we see rich content wherever we go – be it video streaming, casual Web surfing or scrolling through social media pages – so much …

Nikon’s latest offering immerse you into the heart of the image

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Kuala Lumpur (4 June 2015) — In a splashing escapade recently at Sunway Lagoon, members of the media and bloggers also had the unique opportunity of dodging the routine of everyday-life while experiencing some …

Capturing your best side has been made even easier with the Nikon 1 J5

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Malaysia (3 April 2015) — The new NIKON 1 J5, offering moving-subject capturing performance that exceeds that of DSLR cameras, and even better image quality and operation than ever before, is officially announced by Nikon (Malaysia) …