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Review – Huawei MatePad Pro

3 months ago / 0 comments

Huawei MatePad Pro is a major step up from the popular MediaPad tablet series. By adopting the advanced technology from their latest Huawei smartphones, the MatePad Pro is positioned as the premium model in …

Review – Realme 5 PRO

8 months ago / 0 comments

Living in this century is truly challenging. Everything changes so fast that you might have a hard time to catch the latest trend.  Being the forefront of tech gadget, smartphone never stop to break …

Review: Sony WF-1000XM3 In-Ear Wireless Stereo Headset

9 months ago / 0 comments

This is a new generation in-ear wireless stereo headset by Sony, the WF-1000XM3 to incorporate better noise-cancelling functions and looks cool both wearable and carryable with a nice black-gold matt finishing – the one …

Review – Mio MiVue 792

10 months ago / 0 comments

Transportation is always a major concern for any developing country. It helps to connect people from different regions and develops the industries. With more transportation on the road, we have to deal with more …

Review – Realme 5

11 months ago / 0 comments

Smartphone evolution has rapidly changing our lives of using a phone. Decades ago we could not imagine a pocket-size phone can work wonders as a mini computer and take impressive pictures that rival the …

Review: BenQ EL2870U 4K HDR Gaming Monitor

1 year ago / 0 comments

Electronic sports is one huge industry of late with money pouring in for sponsorships and the amount is getting bigger by each international events. Apart from the player’s agility to respond to threats and …

Review: BenQ W2700 4K HDR Home Projector

1 year ago / 0 comments

While we have TVs that gives 4K resolution as standard purchase in recent years, and until recently, we have seen projectors that support native 4K resolution makes an inroad into our living room, specifically …

Review: Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones

1 year ago / 0 comments

For fans of wireless earphones, today, we bring you an exclusive review and first look at Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones, having it’s premier launch in Singapore ahead of the US and worldwide launch …

Review – Realme 3 Pro

1 year ago / 0 comments

Every year smartphone manufacturers bring us new innovation with the latest devices that come equipped with the most advanced software and hardware. They not only breaking the benchmark score of the predecessors, but also …

Review – Sonos Beam sound bar, a new breed of home cinema experience.

2 years ago / 0 comments

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