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realme AIoT Grand Launch Season 3


realme Malaysia today launched its latest range of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices via livestream on realme Malaysia’s Facebook page. The Dare to Leap brand has brought in a total of seven devices to enhance its users smart ecosystem on its Season 3 Grand Launch in Malaysia. Fans were introduced to realme Buds Q2, realme Buds Air 2 Neo, realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker, realme Watch S Master Edition, realme Watch 2, realme Motion Activated Night Light and realme Alkaline Batteries.

“Here at realme, we are proud to present a new range of exciting AIoT products to our fans in Malaysia and continuously elevate their experience in realme’s diverse ecosystem. It all started from our fan’s love towards our TWS device in Season 1 to now with a variety of lifestyle, home and living smart devices in Season 3. Moving forward, fans can rest assured that we will continue to develop more AIoT devices that will make an impact on personal, family and home lifestyles,” said Tiffany Teh, Brand Manager of realme Malaysia.

realme Buds Q2

realme Buds Q2 brings superior battery endurance where you will get 20 hours of battery life with only one charge that will last nearly an entire day and free you from anxiety about recharging. It is equipped with Environmental Noise Cancellation algorithms that effectively reduce noise in your surroundings when you’re on a call.

realme also applied its Bass Boost+ technology which fully leverages the large dynamic coil, giving you the strong bass that sounds like you’re listening to a live performance. It also features the Gaming Mode with 88ms super low latency, the audio and video will sync perfectly whether you’re watching movies or gaming intensely. The realme Buds Q2 is available in two trendy and stylish colours, classic black and unique blue.

realme Malaysia today also unveiled Priscilla Abby as its ambassador for their latest audio device, the realme Buds Q2. Tiffany added, “We are extremely excited to be working with Priscilla Abby as her energetic spirit is in line with realme’s Dare to Leap spirit. At realme, we believe that many young people like Priscilla Abby will fall in love with Buds Q2’s trendy design and good sound quality. Malaysians can definitely look forward to many more exciting initiatives from us in the audio segment.”

realme Buds Air 2 Neo

The realme Buds Air 2 Neo is an upgraded version with improvements on design, battery life, audio quality and more. It supports Active Noise Cancellation function that’s mostly available in high-end flagship earbuds and headphones. The device can achieve active noise cancellation of up to 25dB, giving you a peaceful experience wherever you are. The earbuds can last up to 28 hours equipped with fast charging technology, allowing you to listen to music for 3 hours after spending just 10 minutes in the charging case.

Its Bluetooth has also been upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2, improving signal reception and transmission by 2dB and latency reduced by 35%. It also features a 10mm super dynamic bass driver and LCP diaphragm found in high-end earbuds delivering a truly premium listening experience.

realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker

The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker’s high volume, Bass Boost+ technology and 5W Dynamic Driver ensures clear music even when you’re outdoors. The device also includes a passive bass radiator to enhance its bass by the air pressure created through smaller speaker cones that receive all power from the battery or AC source.

The realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker has an extremely long battery life that lasts up to 9 hours off a full charge. The device also comes with IPX5 water resistant, which means that it’s safe from water splashes, wind and other general wear and tear. Users are able to even connect to two realme Cobble Bluetooth Speakers at once to give you a bigger and better audio experience. The speaker will be offered in two colours, Metal Black and Electric Blue.

realme Motion Activated Night Light

The Motion Activated Night Light comes with a modern and minimalist design. The device is able to light up 15 times a day for 365 days continuously thanks to its ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. The realme Motion Activated Night Light uses a diffused light source which stimulates natural warm and soft light without hurting the eyes.

The device also passed a photobiological safety certification with no flickering lights and no blue light hazards. The realme Motion Activated Night Light supports motion detection which is able to sense body motion even under low light conditions. It has a built-in infrared motion sensor and photo-sensors that support 120° super wide range sensing with an effective area of 6 meters. It also comes with built-in magnets that can firmly attach the night light to any magnetic surfaces.

realme Alkaline Battery

realme Alkaline Battery is available in both AA and AAA types. The realme Alkaline Batteries uses industry-leading, high-density battery cores and a new generation of alkaline battery solutions. Both the AA and the AAA have a large capacity of 3100mAh and 1250mAh respectively.

It also uses a double leak-proof technology. The diamond anti-corrosion shell and the new energy-sealing buffer ring act as two protective walls. In terms of safety, the realme Alkaline Batteries are equipped with multiple layers of explosion-proof devices, including an explosion-proof valve, PTC, and a sealing ring. It also has a shelf life of up to 10 years and an environmentally-friendly battery cell design as there is no mercury or cadmium, so there’s no need to deliberately recycle it.

realme Watch 2

The watch features a 1.4-inch large color touchscreen enabling you to clearly see and use the watch face simply by lifting your wrist. The watch display also features a 30fps high refresh rate offering users a smoother experience, finger controls, and improved reactiveness. In terms of battery, it comes equipped with a 315mAh large battery, which can last up to 12 days with no issues on charging even after an entire week. realme Watch 2 also includes a rich library of over 100 Stylish Watch Faces that suit your style.

The team at realme has upgraded the realme Watch 2 to a total of 90 sports modes in order to meet the demands of its young users. This includes common scenarios such as running and cycling, along with other cool sports like roller skating, street dance, and outdoor cross-country. realme watch 2 features IP68 water resistant and equipped with an advanced PPG Sensor to accurately monitor your blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

realme Watch S Master Edition

realme Design Studio collaborated with famous Korean pop cultural artist Grafflex to bring his signature design elements to the Watch S. Grafflex is inspired by pop culture like animation, games, hip-hop and sneakers which he enjoyed when he was a teenager. He makes his own unique art style using thick black lines which is one of the frequently used expression methods of animation. Grafflex has then created two beautiful and strong designs which were transplanted to the Watch S Master Edition. realme Watch S carries top-level PPG heart rate sensors with results close to the accuracy of professional heart rate monitors. This new Master Edition can also detect your blood oxygen level. The watch is equipped with a 390mAh large battery lasting up to 15 days despite operating in a high-efficient sensor and processor, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to charge your watch every day. realme Watch S Master Edition comes with a magnetic charging base in the box that charges the watch to 100% in 2 hours and can firmly fix the watch body in charge.

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