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BMW Group Malaysia introduces Two New Mobility Applications for BMW and MINI Owners


BMW Group Malaysia today introduced the New My BMW App and the New MINI App to enable greater digital personalisation of the Premium Ownership Experience. The new applications will replace the BMW and MINI Connected Apps that are currently in use.

“As we progress exponentially into a digital future, BMW Group Malaysia is also committed towards supporting individual electromobility solutions that are designed to unlock the full digital potential of our BMW and MINI vehicles. The new applications are also products of identifying and listening to our customers’ evolving needs, as we seamlessly integrate our BMW and MINI vehicles into their digital lifestyles to offer not just useful content for daily travel, but also better personal interaction with us as a brand,” said Harald Hoelzl, Managing Director of BMW Group Malaysia.

The New My BMW App and the New MINI App both feature a new-look design that is intuitive, offering a simplified user experience and services that will better support individual electromobility in Malaysia. Now available in over 50 markets worldwide, the new applications arrive with a comprehensive range of functions to make the driver – vehicle interaction more seamless than ever before.

The new applications provide immediate access and management of the vehicle status, with direct contact to the BMW or MINI service centre of choice. The new applications also allow users the convenience of controlling their BMW or MINI vehicle remotely, as well as a range of comprehensive on-the-go navigation and e-mobility services.

The minimalist three-tab structure of the New My BMW App and New MINI App features the Vehicle, Map and Home tabs. The first tab offers access to remote vehicle services that include Active Charging, Vehicle Finder, Remote Lock and Unlock with Climate Charge and the Climate Timer. Exclusive features in the New My BMW App also include the Remote Engine Start and Flashlights, as well as Remote Software Upgrades to ensure users are always up-to-date.

Additionally, users can manage their vehicle service and maintenance requirements via the application – including service and recall alerts, and online appointment scheduling. In an event of a problem, the BMW and MINI Roadside Assistance can also be reached via the new applications. The Driver’s Guide is also available for both BMW and MINI owners in their respective new applications – fully digital and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

E-mobility features available under the Vehicle tab in the New My BMW App and New MINI App include an improved overview of the Fuel/Battery Level, Range and Charging Status, alongside the Charging History feature – which is an all-new function on both applications. The vehicle pre-conditioning function is also available as standard for enhanced comfort.

The Map tab keeps the user informed on the location and the destination along the way, with features such as the Map Search, and Point of Interests (POIs) with all-new e-mobility features that include the Nearby Parking and Charging Spots, Charging Station Details, and reachable POIs. Users can now also send a destination to the vehicle as well as share location from an external application. For electrified vehicle owners, the new Range Circle on Map helps them identify destinations that can be reached within the current range, based on the current location.

BMW and MINI owners will also be able to explore the Message Center function in the new applications, alongside a profile personalisation feature – where users can add a personalised image to their driver profile. Exclusive to the New My BMW App, the Connected Drive Store can also be accessed in-app, along with the Discover BMW feature.

Users with selected BMW models will also be able to pair their BMW Digital Key with the New My BMW App – currently available on smartphones running iOS only. To use the BMW Digital Key feature via an iPhone, users will need to activate Connected Drive Services and the BMW vehicle must be connected to a BMW ID.

The New My BMW App and New MINI App will completely replace the BMW Connected and MINI Connected applications respectively by July this year. Additionally, users who are already registered under the BMW and MINI Connected applications will not need to register again to sign into the New My BMW App and the New MINI App.

The new applications are now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about the New My BMW App and the New MINI App, visit here and this link.

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