Another YES Kasi Up: 150m GB of Free Data for Malaysians as Movement Restriction Orders kick in

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YTL Communications’ YES has further boosted its on-going Kasi Up initiative with 150 million GB of free data for the rakyat, just as the latest movement restriction order kicked in across the country. 

The free data is available through the YES DATABACK programme, which offers free data to consumers when they shop on partner platforms. YES DATABACK is currently available exclusively on Shopee, Malaysia’s #1 e-commerce platform. Shopee customers earn 5GB of free data with every RM50 they spend on Shopee, and receive up to 100GB each month.

Announcing the 150 million GB YES DATABACK giveaway, YTL Communications Managing Director Dato’ Yeoh Seok Hong said “Data today is a lifeline for the rakyat, akin to electricity and water. Everyone needs data to stay in touch with loved ones, to keep learning, keep their business afloat, participate in the internet economy, and shop for everyday essentials.  Not to mention entertainment for the whole family. The COVID pandemic and the different Movement Control Orders in effect in the country now make it even more essential for Malaysians to digitise as quickly as possible, and YES aims to help them do that. It’s about making data accessible and affordable, and about the democratisation of e-commerce.

“Our Kasi Up initiative allows us to put much-needed data in the hands of the rakyat. YES DATABACK doesn’t just make data accessible to the rakyat, it allows them to stretch their ringgit even further by not having to pay for expensive data plans. To make it even more rewarding, they can start claiming free data right away; all purchases done on Shopee in December 2020 are immediately eligible for YES DATABACK. So our message to everyone is: get online now, and get your YES DATABACK.”

For a limited time, YES is also offering its YES Kasi Up Prepaid 15 plan, which costs RM15/month and comes with 10GB of data with a 30-day validity period, for just RM1 to first-time YES SIM card buyers on Shopee. The SIM card pack will be delivered right to the doorsteps of Shopee users for free.

The YES Kasi Up initiative consists of 4 key pillars:

  • YES Kasi Up Prepaid 15, which at RM15/month offers the market’s lowest-priced plan with the highest amount of data and the longest validity;
  • YES Kasi Up Postpaid 49, which comes at RM49/month for 100GB of data, with 6-months free on a two-year contract
  • YES Kasi Up Refer & Earn, which allows YES subscribers to earn up to RM50 each time they refer YES to friends and family, with their friends and family earning too.
  • YES DATABACK, which allows shoppers to earn free data when they spend on partner platforms

Kasi Up is a quintessential Malaysian colloquialism, meaning to give someone a boost, or a helping hand.

For more information on how to claim your YES DATABACK on Shopee, click here.

For more information on the different YES Kasi Up plans and YES Refer & Earn, download the MyYes app on Google Play or the AppStore, or visit


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