Esports Integrated (ESI) launches the Inaugural Malaysia Esports Championship (MEC 2020)

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For the first time on Malaysian soil, local initiative Esports Integrated (ESI), under the purview of the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS), launches the Malaysia Esports Championship (MEC 2020). A championship that fosters an inclusive environment for the gaming community through its continuous collaboration with the government, ESI introduces initiatives to drive growth and diversity in the local esports industry, impacting 20.1 million Malaysian gamers.

First introduced during the launch of ESI in October 2020, the launch of MEC is a key pillar in the esports development roadmap which serves as a springboard that will establish the esports national circuit here in Malaysia.

“MEC is aimed to integrate the championship into various professional and well-established leagues, where MEC acts as a platform for esports talents to have the opportunity to progress both nationally and internationally. Historically, the professional esports scene has been driven predominantly by game developers through nationwide professional leagues where grassroots talents have risen through the ranks and have made it to the international scene, most notably with superstars such as Mushi, Soloz and Xorn,” said CEO of Impact Integrated and Esports Integrated, Ahmed Faris Amir.

“To amplify this success, ESI believes that it can play the crucial role of working together with game developers to provide a wider avenue for talents to be able to showcase their talents and to be promoted into these national and international leagues. More information on these collaborations will be unveiled throughout the MEC 2020.”

Participants of the MEC 2020 will stand a chance to win from a prize pool of RM100,000 in cash when they compete in four popular game titles featured in the championship, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, PUBG Mobile, Dota 2 and FIFA 21, that will be across categories such as mobile, desktop and console.

With MEC 2020 underway, ESI aims to introduce more gaming titles in future championships as sustainability is crucial when it comes to building an environment that cultivates esports talents. By including more popular gaming titles, it will incorporate MEC into professional esports calendars and promote international pro leagues on Malaysian soil, which will then bolster opportunities for local esports talents. Through MEC 2020, ESI alongside Geek Fam and Alhamra Games have worked closely together with regional and global game developers to provide increased opportunities for homegrown talents to compete on an international level.

Million-dollar esports franchise leagues and titles have been established globally such as the Overwatch League (Overwatch), The International (Dota 2) and League of Legends World Championship (LOL) which have all yet to establish any sort of developmental league here in Malaysia. Through MEC and direct partnerships, game developers will be more incentivised to participate in esports development as the burden of talent development is now shared.

Cumulatively, there are 20.1 million gamers in Malaysia and the role of improving the standards should not only lay with game developers but a shared responsibility between both public and private sectors. As the gaming community in Malaysia is rife with talent and youthful potential, ESI through MEC aims to shape the next generation of esports talents and establish the foothold of the development of esports in Malaysia.

With these initiatives and in partnership with Malaysia Electronic Sport Federation (MESF), Techninier, eGG Network, VC Media & Consultancy (VCMC) and Geek Fam, ESI hopes to bring together players, organisers, brands and game developers; creating a community to ensure the growth of esports throughout Malaysia.

Registrations for Malaysian Esports Championship 2020 are currently open. For more information on registration and tournament schedules, visit

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