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Cross-Platform MMORPG V4 Pits Servers against one another in Epic Capture-the-Flag PVP Battle


A mysterious dimensional rift has opened in V4, Nexon’s hit cross-platform open world adventure game. Beginning today, players on both PC and mobile can enter the rift to experience the all-new “Halidom Rush” game type, along with several other added features. The latest content update is available to download for free through the App Store, Google Play and the Nexon Launcher.

V4’s new dimensional rift opens every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8:00 to 8:59 p.m. PT. There are unique Halidoms available, including one for each of the five servers, all located at the in-game Lunatra Field Ruinous Volcano. Upon entering the new Halidom Rush game type, players must work together to deliver the halidom to the indicated flag location on the map. In this new game mode, all players receive a special buff which provides support but prevents the use of mounts and fast travel to camps. The team from the winning server receives the Hero’s Benediction Buff, which increases earned loot, experience, accuracy and boss level damage.

In addition to the Halidom Rush game type, several miscellaneous features have been added to V4 in today’s content update, including:

  • Lunatra renewal, including several merged regions and the new Arrogant Plains
  • New class skills along with improved skills and passive abilities for all classes
  • Added gear slots, including a new potential gear category

Similarly, Region Boss combat has been balanced with an HP increase for certain bosses and a lowered minimum contribution required for participation rewards.

Since V4’s launch last month, the game has mesmerized players with a breathtaking open world, memorable characters and more. With more than 50 customization options, avatars can be equipped with powerful weapons and armor to aid them in battle and unlock their full potential. V4 also boasts an unprecedented mobile-PC cross-play feature, allowing players around the world to dive into the rich world of Syllunas at any time, at home or on the go. Players must forge powerful alliances to conquer the battlefield in action-filled real-time player versus player and player versus environment (PvPvE) experiences as they advance in the game.

V4 is now available globally with the exception of Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. Visit www.nexon.com/v4 and follow @V4Global on Twitter for the latest updates and information.

Mobile players and community members can stay up to date and find more information about V4 through the official websites here:

South East Asia official website

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