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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released New Trailer – Beyond Legends


Today Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released the new trailer, Beyond Legends, of the upcoming optimization project, NEXT. As an important component of Project NEXT, MLBB has been making consistent efforts on the rework of their classic heroes. From both inside and outside, these classic heroes, that were once legends, are going to have new skillsets, background stories, and appearance. In this trailer, Eudora breaks free from the long-lasting prejudice; Zilong accomplishes his own transcendence; Miya finally stands up and fights for her people. They all reforge themselves in their own ways and eventually become greater than who they once were, which perfectly fits into the whole point of Project NEXT – Beyond Legends.

With the same name as the trailer, the theme song also pictured the spirit of the concept ‘Beyond Legends’. Just like the flow of the trailer, the lyrics of the song starts low and then systematically progresses to the peak point where the legends are finally reforged. Overall, from perspectives such as video quality, music quality, and story-telling, we can easily say that the quality of this trailer is the highest we have seen thus far from Mobile Legends. This trailer well-expresses Moonton’s dedication to providing better game experience to the players both inside its games and outside.

A few days earlier before this new trailer was released, MLBB has revealed its brand-new logo on September 6th. The brand-new logo uses the classic MOBA map as the fundamental element, which intuitively represents the type of the game and directly emphasizes competition and cooperation, the key spirit of MOBA. The core section of the logo is based on the letter ‘M’. Combined with the river of the map, the letter resembles a symbol of heart pulse and further stands for vigor and passion. The letters are designed in a clean sans-serif typeface with some decoration of rigid right-angular serifs. In the center of the letter ‘O’ stands the turret-like crystal as a symbol of glory, through which the light and hope, the magnificence, and the multi-cultural background of the MLBB universe shine bright. For the texture, the new logo adopts a metallic gold one and hence emits the feeling of advance and glory. Moreover, it is also a sign of MLBB entering a new era, one with higher quality and bigger ambition, in order to bring a more immersive experience to its players.

As a game that’s been popular for years with a vast player base, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has always been on the frontier of innovation and adaptation, in order to bring a better and richer game experience to its players. The success of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0 in 2019 has proven that the quality of the game is all that matters. With that, we have a good reason to believe the launch of Project Next is going to be a good one as well. The anticipated launch date of Project NEXT is September 22nd. We are looking forward to the brand-new experience in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang just as you are. So please stay tuned.

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