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Catch the League of Legends Worlds 2020 on eGG Network


The League of Legends (LoL) Worlds Championship 2020 marks an end to its esports season for the year but is the beginning of an epic battle as the best teams fight for a piece of the million-dollar prize pool. The global impact of Covid-19 has posed some challenges for the LoL esports scene with format changes and team travel restrictions but has not stopped them from showing Worlds live from Shanghai.

eGG Network will be covering all the action LIVE from Worlds 2020 starting with the Play-In stage from 25 – 28 September from 4PM daily, and 29 – 30 September from 2PM daily. Followed by the Main Event from 3 October to the Grand Finals on 31 October 2020.

About LoL Worlds 2020

There is a total of 22 teams competing in Worlds 2020. With the top two teams from the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) not being able to travel to compete at Worlds, the Play-In stage format has been heavily adjusted. Worlds 2020 starts with the Play-In stage where 10 teams fight for the top four places to proceed to the Main Event.

The 10 teams in the Play-Ins are drawn into 2 groups based on seeding:

Group ATeam LiquidMAD LionsLegacy EsportsSuperMassive EsportsINTZ
Group BLGD GamingPSG TalonV3 EsportsUnicorns of LoveRainbow7

Each group will play a single round-robin cycle, with the first-place teams both advancing to the Main Event, and the last place teams being eliminated. The third and fourth-place teams in each group will play a best-of-five series, with the loser being eliminated and the winner advancing to a best-of five-series against the second-place team from the other group. The winners of those matches also will qualify for the Main Event.

The remaining 12 teams seeded at the Main Event are grouped as such:

Group AGroup BGroup BGroup C
G2 EsportsDAMWON GamingTSMTOP Esports
Machi EsportsRogueGen.GFlyQuest
Play-In TeamPlay-In TeamPlay-In TeamPlay-In Team

Each group will play a double round-robin cycle where matches are best-of-one. The top two teams from each group will then proceed to the knockout stage in a single elimination bracket with best-of-five series matches.

Watch the action unfold at the LoL Worlds 2020 on eGG Network!

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